Feeling Shy but Wanting to Shine? Dare to do this!

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Dare to SHINE!
Do this dare and you will break through the fear that keeps you from shining your brilliance from a place of pure love.


Share with me in the comments below how you let yourself get bragged on!

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  • Racquel V Singleton-Quiney

    AMAZING! I take that dare and I will share this message with my other facebook friends.

  • Naga

    Thanks Christine,
    You are awesome, and so creative. You make this fun. I watch your videos once in a while, but it is always impressive:) So proud of You!!!!!

  • tara

    Wonderful dare. such transformative work. thank you! I have been following you since I was supposed to hear you speak in L.A. last winter with Gabrielle Bernstein but had to fly out a week later and missed the talk. I ordered your book and am happy to report it arrived in the mail just the other day! WOO HOO!! Congratulations and keep on inspiring…in gratitude- tara

  • Jen

    Someone told me it takes 30 seconds to absorb a compliment, 30 secs where you don’t deflect, skip over, rush to the next thing, bounce the compliment off yourself and back onto them, etc, etc. Just saying thank you…and feeling all the feelings of being seen.

  • Sabine

    Dear Christine,

    What I love about you is your fantastic, awe-inspiring Love-Energy when it comes to the subject of Self-Love. You are contagious in a very positive way and I thank you for always making me smile when I listen to your messages. Keep on loving! Sabine

    • carylo17

      Sabine – thank you for the LOVE and for opening your heart to receiving more of it! xoxox

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