When You Are Feeling Alone, Like Everything is On You, That Life is Hard, Take this Dare

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Today it’s all about creating a love dare for you that will fill your heart with love.

When you’re feeling love starved and alone.

When you’re feeling like you’re the only one not in love or a relationship.

Or like your life is sort of grey…

Then this Love Boost is for you!

You’ll be given a mission to Collect Evidence of Love.

As you walk around in the world collecting evidence of love in Nature, people, and the world, let it slowly soak in all the ways in which the world has love within it. Witness other people feeling love and allow your heart to expand.

Connection Creates Love!
Allow yourself to connect to what is around you.

Go out and collect evidence of love, filling your own heart with the love you witness in the world and share it with me in the comments below!


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  • Tara

    Thanks for the great Love Dare. I set an reminder on my phone for everyday at 2pm (my blah time) to go collect love…where ever I am. Sending lots of love…

  • Connie

    Tara, what an awesome idea! I too am going to set my alarm on my phone to do this Love Dare during my afternoon slump!!! Can’t wait to start my evidence of love collection!! Much love to all 🙂

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