Be the King or Queen of Your Own Domain

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Here I am sitting in the middle of a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, having just spent a week in the jungle… and before that a week co-leading a self-love retreat with my sister of self-love, Christine Hassler.

And I realize that today I am living the life I set the intention to live 3 years ago.

It’s funny – or sad – how we can go years without ever stopping to intentionally set out to create the lives we want… we just kind of go with the flow (and then wonder why we aren’t happy.)

Or how we can forget how far we have come in making our dreams a reality, because there is always something more to achieve. And we miss the fact that we are actually living our dreams right now.

This self love blog from my heart to yours, is an invitation to

self empowerment: be the Queen or King of your own domain and start taking steps today
to create the lifestyle YOU DESIRE – intentionally DECIDE to chart the course of your own life…
be the monarch of your dreams.



self-appreciation: have you stopped lately to acknowledge yourself
the ways in which you ARE living the dreams you set for yourself?

Be the Queen or King of Your Life… chart the course of your life & enjoy the ride!




Hello self empowerment!

Your HEART knows exactly the kind of life you want to live… and there will be lots of reasons or people that will tell you that you can’t. But when you take the reigns of your life into your hands, and proclaim yourself the queen or king of your domain, you become empowered to live the life YOU decide.

TAKE THIS SELF LOVE DARE and amp up your self empowerment
Take your ‘dream life’ public

If you want your ‘dream life’ to go from a dream you wish for to a reality you live in, you’ve gotta spread the good word. Don’t be bashful. This is no time to keep a secret. It’s time to SHARE the truth about what you are intending to create for yourself.

One, write down on paper what you are proclaiming for your life just like a queen or king would – what course are you setting out to create in your queen/king-dom? Write it out in paragraph form like a story – how you live your days, your weeks, your year, what you do and who you are.

Two, TELL SOMEONE… be it a friend, your partner, your dog. And keep telling people. “My dream for my life is…” Speak it, believe it, and witness how your life begins to come into alignment with it.

Three, SEE HOW IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING… find at least one or two ways you are already living the life your heart desires and really own how you have created that. Tell someone how happy you are about this. Happiness breeds more happiness!

AND use this space right here on this blog to post your dream life – I’d LOVE to witness it!!!


the self love club program

If you want to live a life more from your dreams and deepen who you are while
strengthening your self love, learn more about the
Self Love Foundations class and group called The Love Club.



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