Is Your Heart Free to Love?

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Love can only serve you if you let it.
All love needs is PERMISSION to open the door of your heart again.

See all the ways that love comes knocking on your heart’s door today…
and notice when do you close the door and miss out on love?
and when do you open the door and receive more love?

When a stranger smiles
Do you smile back and let the love permeate your heart
Or do you give a fake obligatory smile or pretend you didn’t notice?

When someone approaches you with the offer of a hug
Do you let the embrace fully envelope you
Letting all your body parts touch, chest, belly and arms
Or do you politely offer a few pats on the back, never touching hearts
Or do you go for the A frame hug, letting your upper chest touch but the hug stops there.

When someone offers to help you or pays you a compliment
Does your heart open wide to say THANK YOU! YES! I will receive that
Or do you push back their gift
Saying you can handle it on your own
Or “this old thing, I’ve had it for years!”

When someone offers you a chance to connect during your ‘busy’ day
Do you stop and make time for love
Or do you skip by the moments in life in which love is offered
Putting it on hold for when you have time,
But those times come far and few between?

When you wake up in the morning
Do you look around and notice the magic and splendor of the beauty of this world?
Do you fill your heart with all that you are grateful for
Or do you jump out of bed without noticing much of anything
Except thinking of all the things you have to do or all that you haven’t yet done?

When you find yourself in relationship with an intimate partner, a lover, a mate
Do you let down your walls of protection
And show them the truth of your heart and soul
Even in the times, especially in the times, when you are afraid?
Do you lean in with an open heart to create the intimacy that you desire,
Or do you use love as a weapon, or say you want intimacy but then don’t offer it?
Do you settle for less than the deep emotional connection that only two open hearts can create
And tell yourself that what you have is enough.
When your heart knows that it is not?


What if today, you let your heart speak freely. What would she or he say?

What one daring act of love would you be willing to take
To risk letting love walk in your heart’s door?
To set your heart free
To do what it does best
To love.
And in return allow you to revel and trust in that love forever.


If your heart was to speak freely, what would it say?
If your heart was to act freely what action would it take?

I’ll go first…

If my heart was to speak freely it would say, “I would LOVE TO PLAY with YOU! Would you like to play with me?” and not be scared the answer would be no.

If my heart was to act more freely today it would tell Noah how much I loved and appreciated him at least hourly. And then when we went to dance class this afternoon, it would help me express my body without holding back.

OKAY…. now it’s your turn…

If your heart was to speak freely…
If your heart was to act freely…



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Showing 18 comments
  • Lashpal

    Wonderful Post! I love it . sometimes we close our heart doors unknowingly.

    • carylo17

      yes we do – and the more aware we become of that door on our heart, the more chance we have of taking the hinges completely off!

  • Nancy

    If my heart were to speak freely, it would sound manic because it has so much bottled up inside. It wouldn’t even know where to begin!
    If my heart were to act freely, it would go running around like a headless chicken looking for some comfort and solace.

    • carylo17

      Nancy – giving you permission to be a maniac in love and let it just start flowing – trying drawing a heart on a piece of paper and start writing out all the things it has to say! be free.

  • Linda

    My heart today tells me that I have many who want to engage in a heart to heart intimacy, and just because I am not finding my heart’s desire with my current partner (with whom I am now separating) does not mean that there is a problem with the way I am currently protecting my heart (or perhaps my heart’s own discernment in where she wishes to expend energy). My heart knows where it needs to go to feel full and fed. Today I am following my heart, I am allowing it to take over what the mind thought was it’s job.

    • carylo17

      Seeing your heart Linda guide you to what it needs. with love, christine

  • Franka

    If my heart were to speak freely, it would find a fellow musician and just have fun singing songs without worrying about what they sounded like.
    If my heart were to act freely, it would regularly phone up good friends living in different countries for a good ol’ catch-up chat and to tell them how much they mean to her.

    • carylo17

      Franka – my heart says SING BABY SING!!! Yes, let your heart sing the world needs your love. xoxo Christine

  • Audrey

    I my heart were to speak freely it would speak to everyone I truly love and who are important to me and tell them how I feel without any inhibition that they might reject me or tell me that I was unwanted.

    If my heart were to act more freely today it would reach out to everyone in my circle

    • carylo17

      Audrey, may those walls that protect your heart from being rejected be let down in grace so that your heart is more free to receive love. xoxo Christine

  • Joan

    If my heart were to speak freely, it would say, Go for it. Let love in.

    • carylo17

      Amen to that Jen! Let love in!! xo Christine

  • Lenochka

    If my Heart speak freely it would tell
    That I am precious, beautiful and capable of healing myself and whole world by own example
    Thatvevryone is Love despite how deep we have to look trough vail of illusions
    That our Hearts know truth and can withstand any challenges
    We are here to love despite of anything
    Actions of the Heart- to meditate more, listen to myself , have alckaline diet , allow pleasures and have a pet
    Go dancing in a rain and believe in my dreams
    Appreciate myself and approve of myself and others
    Invest in my gifts and have courage lovingly speak my truth
    Align with Divine and tell people how beautiful they are and how I am grateful for this moment, this breath of now, whole universe fits one breath , one heart beat… One love

    • carylo17

      beautiful to see your heart dancing in the rain and your expression of self love here! xoxo christine

  • Jen

    Today, if my heart spoke freely it would say “I love you, no matter what! Let’s play” and know that it was always taken care of and that receiving a ‘no’ is just as perfect and easy as a ‘yes.’

    Today, if my heart was to act more freely, it would tell my friends, roommates and business partners, how much I love them and truly mean it! Really tap into the loving connection with them and create more love and more magic and possibilities instead of guilt about the past.

    • carylo17

      Jen – so beautiful seeing your heart open to be love! thank you for sharing!

  • Patty

    Today, if my heart spoke freely, it would say, “Please don’t give up on love, not yet. You have so much love in your life and the great love you desire is just right around the corner, even if you don’t feel it right now. Stop striving, stop working so hard. You are beautiful and amazing and all the work and all the pain will be worth it, it has been worth it. Please don’t give up on love. Please don’t stop smiling, don’t stop dancing, don’t stop being you.

    • carylo17

      Patty – your heart is SO smart — you are worth it, let the love in, keep letting it in. xoxo Christine

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