Self-Love Blog: How to Avoid Overwork & Overwhelm When You Are So Busy

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Watch this self-love video and use my 2 super power self love tools for keeping sane and healthy (emotionally, physically and spiritually) during times of high stress and workload.

This last week I have been in an intense work period. I am finishing a book proposal for my next book (all about the INNER Mean Girl) and finalizing a really awesome home study program for anyone ready to reform their inner mean girls.

It’s mean girlgreat stuff – and I LOVE the work, and there has been A LOT to do.

It’s been one of those times where many things need to happen at once, with tight deadlines. And because of the amount of to do in a short amount of time, it would be REALLY easy for me to slip into my old bad habit of overwork… leading to overwhelm… leading to OVER IT!

Perhaps like me you have an Achievement Junkie inner mean girl who drives you to exhaustion to reach crazy goals… or a Doing Addict who never lets you rest… or a Good Girl who will is afraid to say No… or a Perfectionist who has to get the A++ so she makes you spend way more effort and time than really necessary.

All of these Inner Mean Girls are BAD NEWS when it comes to your peace of mind, happiness and health during times when there is a lot of work to get done.

What I want to share with you is a truth that i think a lot of us pretend isn’t real:

There are times in your life when you are going to have to put a lot of energy into your work – whether that be a project, an event, a family member, whatever your work is because that work really matters to you, and because there really is a time period it must be completed in.

The goal is not to try to live into some fantasy of a life where you never have times of intense work — birthing things, creating things and caring for things is intense. AND, this is important, intense periods of work should NOT be the norm and during these high stress times you MUST MUST MUST still create SPACE for yourself or the stress will eat you up

Today on my vlog I shared two of my most powerful self love super power tools – one related to the self love branch of self-pleasure and one that helps you grow your self-care.

The self-care super powered tool is based on the Feminine Super Power of CREATING SPACE — I dare you to put it into practice by claiming ONE day, ONE half day, one ONE night per week that is your SACRED SPACE and fill up emotionally and spiritually, and as a result physically. One trick I use to make this stick for me is I gave it a name, put in on my calendar as a repeating event, and then letting everyone in my life know about it. The other is to take a self-love promise that will help you keep this date with yourself no matter what.

So claim, name and share your sacred space time here — I’ll witness you and you’ll be more likely to keep the date! And/or add the self love promise you will take to make sure not matter how much work there is to do, you get taken care of.

ME: Temple Time… begins Thursday night at 7pm … goes until Friday sunrise. its me and the divine. Computer off. Business closed. My promise “No matter how much work there is to do, I create space for FUN!

Now your turn…


Take the Inner Mean Girl quiz and see which of the 13 kinds of inner critics
is causing your Achievers Amnesia.



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  • Carolyn Long

    How do I buy one of those t-shirts?

    • carylo17

      Check out Renee Treaudu’s website – you can google her and find them there.

  • Chaya


  • Cathy

    Soul Food! I love it 🙂 Love your books and videos too! Such a needed inspiration, thank you for your messages xxx

    • carylo17

      Cathy – THANK YOU! Love being connected and thank YOU for choosing self love. xoxo

  • Elisa

    Christine, you are PROVIDENTIAL.

    I am just in one of these periods of “hard work”. It’s motivating, and I like it, but yes… my body has started lighting the red lights to have me slow down. I do not *feel* tired, but my shoulder and my hip and my biceps have started to ache and that means TAKE A REST FOR GOD’S SAKE.

    So this morning, I keep it down. I just helped my sister with a letter to apply for a job, but I do nothing else apart things for ME : reiki, a long hot shower with loads of scented soap, a tea.

    Only when I feel re-filled will i start again.
    And the good news is, as your body is really a good and loving partner, she knows you are doing your best to give her that quality time, and so, she fills up very quickly, and you are able to be back on the ring quite soon.
    On the other hand, when you drive yrself to exhaustion… she can do nothing but have you lay in bed for a loooooooong time, so is is really a good investment to take the necesary time to rest and re-fill AT ONCE. Not tomorrow, not “later”, and certainly not “next month” or “when holidays come”. You may find yourself stuck in bed with a flu if you keep damging your body with over-work.
    So, stay fluffy, give yourself a break !

    Christine, tu es PROVIDENTIELLE
    Je suis juste en train de vivre une de ces périodes où je “travaille dur”. C’est motivant, j’aime ça, mais oui… mon corps a commencé à allumer les signaux d’alarme pour que je ralentisse. Je ne me *sens* pas fatiguée, mais mon épaule, ma hanche et mon biceps commencent à me faire mal, ce qui veut dire REPOSE TOI.
    Donc ce matin, je ne fais pas grand-chose. J’ai juste aidé ma sœur pour une lettre de motivation, mais je ne ferai rien d’autre à part des choses pour MOI : du reiki, une bonne douche chaude avec des tonnes de savon parfumé, et un thé.
    Et je ne m’y remettrai que quand je me sentirai à nouveau remplie.
    Et la bonne nouvelle, c’est que comme notre corps est vraiment un partenaire qui nous aime, elle sait qu’on fait de notre mieux pour lui donner du temps de qualité et donc, elle se « remplit » très vite, et on est vite capable de remonter en piste.
    A l’inverse, si on s’amène jusqu’à l’épuisement… elle ne peut pas faire autrement que de nous clouer au lit pour un looooooooong moment, donc c’est vraiment un bon investissement que de prendre le temps nécessaire pour se reposer et faire le plein TOUT DE SUITE. Pas demain, pas « plus tard » et certainement pas « le mois prochain » ou « quand ce sera les vacances ». Vous pourriez vous retrouver clouée au lit avec la grippe si vous continuez d’abîmer votre corps en abusant du travail.
    Donc restez fluffy, faites une pause !

    • carylo17

      Elisa – SOOOO seeing you take a stand to FILL UP!and take care of you – yes!!xoxoxo

  • Natalie Phillips

    Saturday is my fun day. No work, no obligations, just me and my daughter hanging out and enjoying life together. (She’s 2). Saturday night to Sunday morning, my fiancĂ© and I make sacred time to pray, meditate, snuggle and just be together. Sunday morning I have a special ritual, just me and the Divine, releasing the old, welcoming the new.

    • carylo17

      Natalie – thank you for sharing your sacred space practice – YES to sacred SPACE !

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