Why Do You Binge? Feed yourself some self-love soul food so you can stop.

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Why do you binge, over indulge on sugar, spending, shopping, working, eating? And how can you transform that self sabotage into self-love?

Watch the video, read the blog, and then take a stand for self-love by posting the 5 things you will feed your soul this week… we binge because our soul is starving, dare to nourish your soul.

Soul Food is those small but mighty things that fill you up with joy so you feel happy and fulfilled even when life is full of pressure or stress.

When you fill up with soul food, you don’t crave or over indulge in other things that may fill you up for the moment but make you feel like crap later — you know like over shopping, over eating, over drinking, over everything!

Driving through the neighborhoods I used to live in, the streets I used to shop in, the bars and restaurants I used to convene in, and the spiritual centers I used to attend, have reminded me a lot of the times in my life when my soul was starving for nourishment… and how I would sometimes over indulge in something to make up for what my soul was starving for, which of course never worked.

What about when you binge? You know over eat, drink, shop, work? How do you feel after wards (not great, right)… 

Look, you aren’t the only person who has ever over indulged and then beat themselves up for it, or repeated the same pattern. So give yourself a break.

And then try out these two self-love super power practices that will help you not only stop you beating yourself up for over indulging but take you even deeper to hear what your soul is actually starving for.Open-your-heart

I taped you this love letter video because I know that if you are overworking, over eating, over drinking, over spending, over shopping, over anything, your soul needs nourishment… not judgment. Your soul needs nourishment just like your body, so if you not consciously feeding it, let’s start now.

Watch the video and then post on the blog the 5 Soul Foods you are going to feed your soul this week.

I’ll witness you, this community will witness you and you will be more likely to nourish your soul with what it needs — saving your pounds, pocketbook and more!




If you want to nourish yourself on the inside by strengthening your self love,
learn more about the Self Love Foundations class and group called The Love Club.



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  • Carolyn

    Hi Christine- what a great way to look at a binge- so true! My top 5 soul foods:
    – Meditation;
    – Spending time with animals in the Reiki space (practicing Animal Reiki);
    – Reading inspiring, thought provoking books;
    – Spending quality time with my husband;
    – Eating nourishing, nutrient rich whole foods which I have lovingly prepared myself!
    Thanks for the video- enjoy Chicago!!

    • carylo17

      Carolyn – seeing you and your very fortunate animals basking in the energy of reiki – may it and all your 5 joy soul foods fill your soul xxoxo

  • Fran Feighery

    Your message today is just what I needed and I dare say what many of us need. Now to practice, practice, practice until it is part of my daily life and a happier and healthier me!

    • carylo17

      Fran – seeing YOU fill your soul with joy every day – what a great practice, if we have to practice anything, joy is a gift to practice. xox

  • Ksenia

    Christine, thank you sooo much for this Love Letter, it actually came as the answer I’ve been asking for, because I’ve been stuck with binge-eating lately and I just couldn’t figure out where it came from. Now I see how joyless my life has been and not because there is nothing that brings me joy, but because I got so wrapped up in negativity over my behavior that I stopped paying attention, noticing and doing those things that I loved.
    Thank you again!

    • carylo17

      sending you much love as you fill your soul with love!

  • M Lyn

    I’ll do this list. First, I want to ask a question.

    I found out this week that I really enjoyed taking a class, a Heidi Swapp, and that being with the people, maybe not working with them, but with one other person was really enjoyable. I got LOTS of ideas for how to do some of the projects I want to do in the next three months, art projects.

    Going through the checkout line at the nearby Whole Foods to the class was joyful.

    Meditations I found this week soothe me and center me and i consider that joy.

    Seeing things in a new and different and more positive way as far as my Home Owners meeting was concerned has made me happy and relieved.

    Start my Halloween Post cards for my post card exchange this month will bring me joy.

    Finding out that doing my February postcards and getting them ready to mail brought me joy when I figured out something funny and humorous to do with the mailing of them. Brown paper wrappers brought me joy.

    Next week:

    Smiling at people in the store and bringing a little joy into their lives, complimenting them.

    Finding one person who works at Whole Foods and did something special for me and letting someone in charge know.

    Think I’ll try that at King Soopers, too. Maybe it will change the attitudes of the employees there.

    Do meditations every day at least once.

    give myself credit for all that I do and who I am by using compassion and rewarding myself with an atta girl.

    M Lyn

    • carylo17

      LOVE seeing you out there in the world generating lovE!!!

  • Donna

    Hi Christine:)
    Thanks for the video and have fun dancing!
    My Joy Soul Food:
    Connecting with –
    1. My Son
    2. Nature
    3. My Friends
    4. Life
    5. My Soul
    Bless You, Donna

    • carylo17

      Donna – love your list of soul food – en-JOY! xoxo

  • Kate

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for the video!
    My 5 things:
    – a cup of coffee in the morning (sipping in my bed; I struggle with this one from time to time since coffee is not on the “healthy list”
    – spending time outside ( running/walking) surrounded by nature
    – volunteering for Animal Shelter
    – reading an inspiring book
    – cooking a healthy meal while listening to music

    • carylo17

      Kate – LOVE your soul food – enjoy feasting! xoxo

  • Elisa

    The funny thing is that you can fill up your soul with almost anything, as long as you do it with the good inner-attitude.
    Here are a few things tha nourish me :

    – Tidying/cleaning my flat, yes !
    – Playing the flute
    – Medieval reenactment/medieval research
    – Making stupid word-games with friends
    – Watching a few Sailor Moon episodes !

    Ce qui est marrant, c’est qu’on peut remplir son âme avec à peu près n’importe quoi du oment qu’on le fait avec le bon état d’esprit, voici quelques choses qui nourrissent mon âme :
    – Ranger/nettoyer mon appartement
    – Jouer de la flûte
    – La reconstitution médiévale/la recherche sur le Moyen Age
    – Faire des jeux de mots stupides avec les amis
    – Regarder des épisodes de Sailor Moon.

    Et j’ajouterais / and I would like to add REIKIIIIIIIIII !

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