Feeling Overwhelmed? Where Overwhelm Comes From and How to Transform It

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Moving too fast? Trying to do too much? Not getting what you need?

Are you feeling so overwhelmed and so caught in the swirl that instead of making good self-loving choices you are reacting from fear and stress or from other people’s fear, pressure, and false urgency?

Self empowerment is knowing what overwhelm feels like in your body and then instead of reacting from it… you choose to slow down, calm your nervous system and return to your center.

Watch this teaching video from the founder of The Path of Self Love School, Christine Arylo, which will give you wisdom + super powered self love practices to prevent overwhelm + for when you are on the edge or have crossed the edge into overwhelm.


Release Overwhelm Using This Simple + Powerful Practice…

  1. Identify the overwhelm. “I’m feeling overwhelmed about ______________________. “
  2. Close your eyes, put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly… and take 3 deep breathes.
  3. Stop. Drop. And Listen to your heart. Ask your heart and Inner Wisdom “What do I need to receive, right now, in this moment?”
  4. Allow your heart and Inner Wisdom to guide you. “What I need to receive is ___________________.”
  5. Then take empowered action that is in alignment with what you need to receive.  “The empowered action I’m going to take, that is aligned with the wisdom in my heart, is _______________________.”

Release the Overwhelm, right now, by doing this practice and then sharing the wisdom of your heart in the comments below so we can witness you!

It’s Stacey Hoffer here, one of the co-directors at The Path of Self Love School… and I’ll go first!

I’m feeling overwhelmed about all the things I have to do around my identity recently being stolen. What I need to receive, right now, in this moment, is a reminder to simply take things one step at a time.  The empowered action I’m going to take, that is aligned with the wisdom in my heart of taking things one step at a time, is calling the number the IRS provided to me to learn more about identity theft. 


Stop. Drop. And Listen to Your Heart. What are your feeling overwhelmed about… and what do you need to receive right now? Share in the comments below!

Self Love Mantra

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