Are You Tuned into Your Inner Wisdom or Tweaked Out in Fear?

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Path of Self Love founder, Christine Arylo, and Stacey Hoffer, the director of programs at The Path of Self Love School, sit down for a candid conversation. Tune in to hear about their Inner Mean Girls, what blocks their Inner Wisdom, and how to make sure we are responding from our inner truth versus reacting from our fear.

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During this episode of Feminine Power Time, Christine and Stacey discuss what happens when our access to our Inner Wisdom is blocked¬† – including how we can make bad choices, be hard on ourselves, give too much and in general create havoc in our own lives… rather than living from a place of harmony and self-love.¬†

Join Christine and Stacey as they dive into:

  • What are the signs that your thoughts and your sense of things are ‘tweaked out’ vs ‘tuned in’? What is driving you to make unwise choices?
  • How do your 3 minds work together to either sabotage or support you? From the ping-pong paradigm, to the obsessive worry and future tripping, to the overly optimistic cheerleader, learn how your mind works for and against you.
  • How can you use your body and your emotions to determine whether what you are thinking and feeling is true or just a distorted reaction based on past imprints and perceived fears?
  • Why working with your inner critic, gremlin or saboteur doesn’t get to the heart of what we need as women. We don’t just deal with the pressures we face, but we choose to transform them and elevate our lives, work, relationships by moving through them.
  • Practices you can use as a preventative in the moment to clear the channels to get to your wisdom and calm the fear.

inner-wisdom-episodeClick Here to Listen as Christine and Stacey Reveal the Names of Their Inner Mean Girls!

Have you identified some of your Inner Mean Girls?

If so, tell us in the comments below who they are and how you are reforming them!


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