Weaving A Tale of Generational Self Love

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Tune in to hear how the medicine of self love is being woven into one woman’s family.

Here at the Path of Self Love School one of our commitments is to generational impact and advocating for our families! Imagine women, children and men shifting their perspectives on what it means to be kind to themselves, love themselves and care for themselves.

For me, Tarja, I choose to be a part of the Path of Self Love School mostly so that I can be a better example to my two young girls. I see, more than ever, the importance of girls not only having a foundation of ‘be strong’ ‘be kind’ ‘be yourself,’ but also, know your true self, know that you are deeply worthy, that who you are matters, that loving yourself above all else is essential to be confident in who you are!

It is hard to believe, but already at such a young age you see the ‘toxic habits,’ as we call them, forming, such as, comparing ourselves to others, trying to be perfect, not feeling lovable, feeling pressure, afraid to share our thoughts or opinions. To me, it seems that my job is somewhere in the middle of holding the line and giving encouragement all while being an example of what it means to honor my feelings, to be present even when I’m sad, to not over give, over-do and try to appear perfect.

In the messy, in the real, in the moments of stress I rely on the tools I have learned in Raising Our Children to Love Themselves course that the Path of Self Love School put on in May, to utilizing the understanding of how my inner mean girls (critics) show up and impact my parenting. With the knowledge of seeing my own traps and triggers, I’m able to more quickly shift in the moment.

As a mother, self-love to me is the key to feeling truly vibrant, confident, discerning and trustworthy. As I strip away the old stories, the love cracks and the areas in which I’m struggling to share my voice; I can see that by making the change now I am impacting my girls, the next generation. With the true desire to witness them love, accept, value and honor themselves more easily so that their foundation is a fertile ground to grow their families in more love.

I am personally going through the Path of Self Love Teacher Training, which I will first use with myself and my family, and eventually I will create a program weaving the tools of Self-Love and Martial Arts to use with teens in high schools, foster care, and at-risk youth.

What I am most impressed by in the training is how women (and a few men) are showing up weekly from Egypt, the UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, all over the US, and South America to learn these tools of self-love so they can be shared with their clients and families.

By each of us taking a stand for self-love, we are creating more self-love threads
to weave a stronger foundation of self-love among our families, our youth!
That is the true power of generational change.

As the communications weaver for the Path of Self Love School, I am honored to be able to share these stories. Mine as well as all the other Self-Love Guides that are changing the world one person at a time.

Since, some of you may not know me yet, I would like share a small bit on who I am. Above all I’m a social-impact entrepreneur, mother and midwife to people’s dreams. I have extensive background and training in working with women dealing with abuse, trauma and addiction. I have personally done my own group therapy and dynamic spiritual retreats since I was a teenager. I have always been a communicator, having run school newspapers and later choosing my BA in Film and Media Relations at UCSD.

It has and still is important for me to share and tell a story. I started my own company many years ago working with entrepreneurs, like Christine Arylo, who are making a profound social impact in the world. Once I had children, I dedicated my time and attention to growing our family, learning about health and wellness  while supporting my partner with his real estate business.

As I come out of my children being toddlers, I am ready to re-enter into the world of social impact and change by affecting the generations that are coming after me. I see myself, once having been an activist on the front lines, now as a secret agent activist instilling powerful messages of self-worth, self-trust, inner wisdom and self-love into my children and all the youth I am in contact with.

Once having felt like I had to ‘fight’ and ‘march’ for change, I’m now experiencing the subtle current of guiding others to change by being and sharing how to feel and be more self-love!

I, and the Path of Self Love School
are on a mission to share and teach self-love medicine and tools
to 1 billion people around the world!


To frame who we are at the Path of Self Love School…

  • We treat negative self-talk self-criticism, self-doubt, comparison, perfectionism, self-bullying and other self-sabotaging habits.
  • We offer uplifting support including individual coaching, group programs, self-studies, and teacher certification using proven body-mind-heart healing practices to shift these toxic habits into empowering self-loving thoughts and actions.
  • We help you strengthen your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-empowerment, deepen your self-trust and self-awareness, and practice unwavering self-respect, self-compassion, and self-worth.
  • We will guide you to truly value yourself from the inside out, without regard to external standards or opinions, so you can create your life from the core knowing that you are enough just as you are right now.

In what ways are you struggling to live from a place of self-love?
How are you shining with self-love?

Tarja here, I’ll go first:

  • I’m struggling with being kind to myself when I don’t complete my endless to-do list.
  • I’m struggling with my daily practice of meditation and stretching.
  • I’m shining by giving myself time to play piano and guitar, singing and being filled with melodies. This fills my heart with joy and allows me to be present to the here and now.
  • I am shining by spontaneously helping my friends when they need support with their children.

Now It’s Your Turn. I would love to hear what you’re going through, in the comments section below, let us know…

  1. In what ways are you struggling to live from a place of self-love?
  2. How are you shining with self-love?

We are here to witness and honor you!



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