2019 Self Love Poem

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2019 Self Love Poem
“You are SO Much More Than Enough”

by Shiloh Sophia McCloud


You Are So Much More Than Enough

You think you are not enough

and so that means what you do

is never enough. I think the story

“I am not enough” is a lie.

I am wondering

why we, intelligent, lovely, brave

souls that we are,

would go on believing a lie?

So today is a day for miracles

for shedding old stories

and I am wondering

who is ready to shed that one?

Ready. Set. Let’s Go.

And when you are done with that

you can join us in inventing a new story.

One where you choose yourself

right now right where you are

regardless of your circumstances.

One where we choose to tell the truth

about ourselves to ourselves

and to others.


This is an excerpt of You Are So Enough, a self love poem found in the book  Tea with The Midnight Muse. For a copy of the full self love poem, click here.

About Shiloh Sophia McCloud: Shiloh is a visionary artist and transformational poet whose words ignite the soul fire inside — freeing your heart to paint the legend of your life, to stand as the queen or king of your own domain and choose the life you want to live, and then have the audacity and boldness to live it. True self empowerment and self expression! Her poem was chosen to remind you of the choice you have to believe that you are enough, right now, and to create your life accordingly. For more information on Shiloh Sophia visit: http://www.shilohsophiastudios.com.

Feel inspired? Write your own Self-Love Poem! We’d love to read your poetry and witness your creativity and gifts. If you’d like for us to consider publishing your self-love poem on the Path of Self Love’s blog, go here to share your original self-love poem with us!

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    I’m on a fixed income and would love have a a self love kit free if possible

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