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Self-Love Promise Challenge

You are invited to join us for the #SelfLovePromiseChallenge video campaign this year! It’s our first year we’re trying something new and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

How to Participate:

#1. Create a self-love promise to yourself!  A self-love promise will give you the words you need to hear in-the-moment so you can choose a self-loving act, thought or feeling for yourself. Just like a best friend would do for you — in moments when you feel doubt, fear, judgment, shame or blame — you will say this Self Love Promise to yourself to give yourself PERMISSION to choose a self-loving act over the self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, self-criticism, and self-doubt. Go to to get all the details on how to create and make your 2019 self-love promise.

Here are some examples of self-love promises…

  • “I will be myself, even if others don’t like it.”
  • “No matter how much work there is to do, I make time for fun!”
  • “I take care of myself first, without guilt.”
  • “I will listen to and follow the guidance of my Inner Wisdom even when it’s scary.”
  • “I only have loving, respectful relationships.”
  • “I love myself exactly as I am right now.”

#2. Create a 30-90 second video sharing your 2019 self-love promise to yourself. In the video, nominate 3 people to also take this challenge. To help people create their promise, you can send them to the free self-love kit ( Remember to tag who you nominate and include the hashtag #SelfLovePromiseChallenge in your post so we can find you!

Here’s the sample script…

Hi! I’m participating in the Self Love Promise Challenge.

My 2019 self-love promise is ____________________________.

I nominate {name 3 people}. You have 24 hours to post your 2019 self-love promise and nominate 3 other people

For inspiration go to to get all the details on how to create and make your 2019 self-love promise that will support you all year long.

As an Example, Here’s Our Director of Programs #SelfLovePromiseChallenge on Facebook…

stacey-hoffer-self-love-promise-challengeClick here to view and give Stacey some love.



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  • Tarja

    I love this challenge and my self-love promise is “I only allow loving, truthful and respectful relationships into my life!”

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