Make a Self-Love Promise to Yourself that Will Support You All Year Long

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What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? Imagine what that would mean for you and your confidence, relationships, money, body, home, self-expression, career, purpose and dreams!

The First Step to Loving Yourself More This Year…

One of the first steps on the path of loving yourself more is making a self-love promise to yourself that will support you all year long!

You are going to love this!

One of the most powerful self-love tools we have that is so effective at keeping you committed to yourself is the self-love promise. When you make a self-love promise, you get to use it all year long as a self-love permission slip… giving yourself permission to take the most loving, self-supporting acts of self-love for yourself (instead of falling into self-sabotaging or self-sacrificing habits based on guilt, shame, blame, criticism, stress, pressure or fear).

If There is Only One Self-Love Action You Take This February, Let This Be It:


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This self-love promise is not another to-do or have to,
it’s an opportunity to choose more love for yourself
and to allow more grace into your life.

Ready to share your self-love promise?

You can do that with us in two ways…

  1. Share your 2019 self-love promise in the comments section below. We want to witness and support you!!

  2. Name and claim your 2019 self-love promise in a 30-90 second video and share it on social media with the hashtag #SelfLovePromiseChallenge.

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Happy Month of Self-Love!!!

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  • Tarja

    My Self Love Promise is to only allow loving, respectful and truthful relationships into my life.

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