Self-Love Ambassadors are Impacting the World!

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Read and watch the impact self-love ambassadors are having in their communities!

We are so honored, proud and over joyed that over 135 self-love ambassadors, in 15 countries, shared the message and medicine of self-love in February with their local and online communities.

Almost every corner of the world was represented, including Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Ireland, Mauritius, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Serbia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, plus 34 states in the United States.

See How Self-Love Ambassadors Are Sharing the Love…

#1. Self-Love Day in Wilmington, Delaware

One Self-Love Ambassador held a self-love circle in a community service building in Wilmington, Delaware. She hosted women and girls ranging in age from 6 to 55.

Here is what she had to say about the experience:

“We had an amazing time doing affirmation paintings to empower them starting at a young age. A representative from AIDS Delaware spoke and gave HIV/AIDS tests (if anyone wanted one) and someone who does a podcast on love and relationships also spoke to the women about loving themselves and how men perceive women.

The day was filled with love, laughter and women showing appreciation and encouragement  to each other. It was my first event of many to empower women to love the whole being of who they are with younger girls seeing the example at an early age and taking on the positivity in their lives.”

#2. Self-Day Love in St. Louis, Missouri

A community health worker in St. Louis worked with women, ages 20-45, in a community program at a local correctional facility. She incorporated self-love promises into her self-love circle, which is a tool to use in moments when doubt, fear, judgment, shame or blame are running the show. Just like a best friend would do— your self-love promise gives you PERMISSION to choose a self-loving act over self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, self-criticism, and self-doubt.

Going forward, she will be holding monthly circles with her community for teens and women and will be sharing updates with us! We can’t wait to see and hear more.

This was what her circle experience was like in February…

“I am a Community Health worker and assist the men and women that will be returning back into the community, addressing their health and social services needs. Some of the ladies are waiting for a hearing, going to trial and others are being transferred to state or federal prison. I have developed a trusted relationship with these ladies in my 8-week program that caters to redirecting their thinking while they wait to one day be released. I implemented self-love into my curriculum because my ladies really need to find themselves by loving themselves first before they are able to help their children, husbands, boyfriends and/or family members.

My energetic ladies love being in my class because it is voluntary, no one is forced to attend our class. They come back every week. I advocate for them in their court cases and go the extra mile to make sure they are getting a fair deal in their case. My ladies are really tired of being lost and misunderstood. I help them see themselves with a better image than what has been replayed from their childhood. Self-love allows them to forgive themselves and others and learn how to live again.

They have made themselves a promise to continue to keep this group going once they are released and they want me to lead it to keep them together.”

3. Self-Love Day in Fort Collins, Colorado

One of our self-love ambassadors, that is also in our Teacher Training, shared the self-love medicine at work! She had a fun way of inspiring and motivating people to open their hearts. She covered a table with a huge piece of paper and posted a sign inviting co-workers to take a breath, think of a reason they love themselves, say it out loud, and then write or draw it on the large piece of paper. It they played along… they could have a homemade brownie. Her co-workers live it!

“It was moving to see people stop and think of something good to say about themselves. And many co-workers thanked me for putting this together. In fact, one coworker wants to keep clean paper on our break room table so we can keep the love comments going!”

Thank you for being an inspiration to your communities!

In honor of the 12th annual International Self Love Day on February 13th, self-love ambassadors gathered their friends, children, family, clients, and communities to connect and strengthen their ability to make more self-loving choices for themselves in tangible, practical, fun and empowering ways.

Together we are making self-love something that is embraced, celebrated, taught and practiced around the world… so every child is born connected to love and stays connected to that love.

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It’s free and all about love + community… while elevating hearts around the world.





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