A Look Behind the Scenes: How We Bring Dreams into Form at The Path of Self Love School

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Here at The Path of Self Love School, we practice what we teach. For years, we had a dream to bring the medicine of self-love to children. This has been part of our mission and vision from the beginning. So behind the scenes, we have been taking small but mighty steps to bring this dream into reality.

As a result, Raising Children to Love Themselves (2.0) is now live and filled with moms, dads, teachers, childcare providers, and others who are choosing to teach self-love to children!

Birthing this learn-at-your-own-pace online course is truly a dream come true… and it absolutely came into form one small but courageous step at a time.

Raising Children to Love Themselves is a manifestation of a larger dream in our hearts to create a world where all children are connected to love and stay connected to love because they know how to source love from within.

Click here if you’re interested in teaching self-love to your children.

And you if believe in our dream and mission of teaching self-love to children, please share Raising Children to Love Themselves to help us reach parents, teachers, and children advocates that we are not able to reach ourselves. You can send people to TeachKidsSelfLove.com.


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