Toxic Relationships to Self Love Advocate

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toxic relationships to self-love advocate

Join us in witnessing this single mompreneur on her journey from toxic relationships and self-hate to becoming a powerful self-love activist, speaker and coach!

We asked her a few questions and here is what this beauty shared with us! If you have any questions you want to ask her, please put them in the comments below.

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and your journey toward self-love.

I am Ta’lor L. Pinkston, The Heart Advocate. I am a bad ass single mother who is a Self-love Activist, Speaker and Coach. I dedicate my work and all I do to my daughter. I want her to grow up knowing her worth especially in the awkward, difficult, trying, and confusing spaces of life. I have been choosing myself since 2016 and I can say that within this time I have accepted myself in ways that I never have; I have trusted and been more compassionate with myself and instead of avoiding those difficult thoughts or feelings, I have faced them and I am still working through them. I am a mompreneur who is working through the fear and it feels good.

2. Why does self-love matter to you?

Self-love matters to me is because without it I would still be in a toxic relationship. I would still be settling for less than I desire in relationships personally and professionally. It matters to me because I was unable to cope with my depression without it. I was falling a part without it. It was the missing piece to my clarity of life’s purpose. I was not created to settle, to be an option, to be overlooked, to allow toxicity in my life. Self-love reminds me of why I was created and allows me to impact every person around me to do the same.

3. Why were you drawn to the Path of Self Love School?

I was drawn to the Path of Self Love School by doing a Google search for a Self-Love Certification. I was seeking a personal exploration of self but I also knew that self-love was my calling, and that I wanted to bring other women along on the journey with me. The Path of Self Love School has given me tool and resources, but they have also given me the self-love medicine to treat all my self-hate. To be able to actively choose myself and to be raw enough with myself that I have zero-tolerance for even my bullshit. I still have so much work to do, but that’s what I love about the Path of Self Love School because it teaches that self-love is lifelong, so I have the opportunity to always have something to grow and strengthen.

4. How do you use the self-love technology in your own work?

How I use the self love technology in my own work is by taking self-love with me everywhere I go. Especially the quiet spaces; in the office at work while speaking to a co-worker, or while talking to my mother who still beauty and body shames me and herself. As a Activist and Speaker for self-love, I am encouraging individuals, specifically women + femme to accept, trust, express, take care of, value, and check in with themselves. As a Coach I meet with about 6-7 women virtually in self-love coaching sessions using the Foundations of Self-love, specifically the 10 Branches of Self-love as my guide.

5. How has your work changed since using the self-love technology?

How my work has changed using the technology is how mindful I am about what comes out of others mouths on a daily basis. For the second time, I took the Strengths Finder Assessment and each time my top strength came up as empathy. I have a deep connection to emotions and my understanding of self-love has tapped into a greater depth of the lack of self-love in the individuals around me. I consider myself a Self-love Activist for this reason, there are many people who I have triggered because I ask the tough questions and there are some people who have stopped hanging out with me because I won’t let them beauty or body shame themselves or speak disrespectfully about themselves, or beat themselves up.

I am an advocate for the heart and
the Path of Self Love gave me my voice.


toxic relationships to self-love advocate 2

We have witnessed you Ta’lor, a stunning woman give back to your community, your daughter and overall yourself. Thank you for being a voice, a crusader, an activist for women and girls all over the world to stand for more than what is typically taught to women and girls about settling. Settling for less than desirable relationships and settling for body-shaming, blaming and self-hate.

We are so lucky to have been witness to your transformation and we can’t wait to hear all your success stories with yourself, your daughter and the women and girls you serve.


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  • Tarja

    I am so glad I was in class with you to really experience your commitment and heart! Love all that you’re doing and the world is lucky to have you in it!

  • Lulu

    Oh my goodness. So happy to see a classmate who has ventured in such a powerful direction, amazing to witness her transformation!! Congratulations Ta’lor and thank you!!

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