Getting to know my inner mean girl

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Tune into Shakti’s deep dive into getting to know her Inner Mean Girl (inner critic) in order to create a life filled with more inner wisdom, self-trust, self-love and how she is creating conscious communities through coaching and school programs in Hawaii.

We asked her a few questions and here is what this beautiful Mama shared with us! If you have any questions you want to ask her, please put them in the comments below.

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and your journey toward self-love.

My name is Shakti. As a young girl, growing up in Connecticut I was the peace keeper & “good girl” in my family. I played by the rules, excelled in sports and worked hard to get good grades and go to a good college never thinking that I had any other choices. As soon as I hit college in the midwest, I started to question and rebel to the way I was raised. I became passionate about ending world hunger and creating peace in the world. Shortly into my activist career, I became disillusioned with politics and decided to focus on inner peace which has been my journey since my 20’s. For the last 3 decades I’ve lived in Hawaii, having fulfilled a childhood dream. I have worn many career hats from Realtor, Homesteader and pioneer in an Intentional Community, Circus Arts Teacher, Mediator, and EFT Practitioner/Self Love Coach. I raised my daughter to follow her dreams as well, and now she travels the world as a professional circus performer. I’ve been in relationship with my partner for 15 years and we guide other couples with communication and intimacy tools to thrive so they can experience ELATIONSHIP as we have found.


2. Why does self-love matter to you?

At some point after the birth of my daughter, 25 years ago, I realized that I had been “judging myself to death.” Since I got the wake up call after nearly dying, I committed myself to my spiritual name, “Shakti” to remind me that I’m alive and a creative being. Ten years ago after taking Inner Mean Girl Reform school, I learned a new vocabulary for the inner force that had been comparing me, criticizing, and beating me up. Self Love matters to me personally because I am growing to love and honor and accept myself more and more each day. Self love matters to me because I was not taught these tools as a girl and needed to know about the voices inside me.

3. Why were you drawn to the Path of Self Love School?

Since my twenties, I have been gathering tools for self-growth. Specifically learning about my Inner Mean Girls and Inner Wisdom has been empowering. The Path of Self Love has given me a community to grow, expand, and connect with similar women all around the world. I’ve loved the structure/platform which has helped me share self love to my community as an
Ambassador on Self Love Day for the last 10 years and everyday as I share the tools in my own coaching practice and women circles I lead and sit in.

4. How do you use the self-love technology in your own work?

I use it daily as I work with my clients who struggle with negative self talk and show them how to feel confident and connected so they can bring their gifts to the world.

I’ve started a non-profit called, Girls to Women Mentoring Hawaii which is bringing its first girls circles into the school for middle school students in 7th and 8th grades and high school students 9-12th graders. We intend to expand to other schools around Hawaii.

5. How has your work changed since using the self-love technology?

My toolbox has expanded immensely, and I am more able to be present, creative, and give my gifts to the world. I love being a part of a large movement that is transforming the world. I’ve brought more creativity, playfulness, and ease into my circles and coaching and have expanded and clarified the types of clients I work with.

I have brought more play, creativity and ease
into my coaching with others.


Shakti has been a part of our community for over 10 years, witnessing our transformation as a school. She’s been a self-love advocate and coach bringing so much joy, love and ease into others lives. Her smile and dedication light up a room and we’re so grateful she’s a part of our inner circle.


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