Self-Care Meditation & Practice

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Enjoy this Self-Care Meditation and Morning Practice!

We are here to support you through the next few months as everyone else ramps up to give more than they may have and where many feel overwhelmed and drained during and after the holidays.

Here are two powerful self-care practices to support you and to give you a reorientation to taking care of youself while also showing up for others in a meaningful and “I am enough” way!


Use this meditation to tap into what you really need to right now to feel cared for, nurtured, and vibrant. Then give yourself permission to GIVE YOURSELF WHAT YOU NEED no matter what!

Click below to tune into this self-care meditation!

We encourage you to take the next 15 minutes to really allow yourself to FEEL what it would be like to care for yourself first.


Tune in as Christine Arylo shares this life-changing self-care practice of bringing your giving and receiving into balance. It takes less than 3 minutes but it will make all the difference in your day and life.


We’d love to hear how these self-love tools help you.

Please share your experience in the comments. How did the meditation and the practice make you feel? Do you feel more ease? What is your take away?

If this practice of giving AND receiving helped, as well as the meditation, you might consider joining us at The Love Club. Where we dive into all 10 branches of self-love.

To learn more about The Love Club, click here.

the self love club program



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  • Lesley Illingworth

    Thank you for your meditations. I needed it this morning.

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