Self-Compassion Meditation

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Click below to tune into this
self-compassion meditation
just for you!

Just take the next 12 minutes to really allow yourself to be infused with self-compassion,
gentleness, kindness toward yourself, patience and understanding.

There is no better time then now.

And if for some reason, now is not the time, set a date in your calendar,
within the the next few days and commit to yourself.

You got this.


You can give this to yourself. It’s time.

Soak it in, allow yourself to grab some tea, lay down or simply sit quietly.

Let the love and self-compassion soak in!


Please share in the comments below, your experience.

How did it feel?
Do you feel more supported?
What is your take away?


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by Christine Arylo, click here.




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  • Joy ((formerly Tinley Park))

    Thank you for this recording. It means much good has come from your survey & your open heart. Joy

    • Path of Self Love School

      Thank you Joy! Yes the survey was very helpful and we’re so glad this meditation was supportive to you.

  • Bree

    This was a great meditation. Had me tearing up while thinking of the negative thoughts I have towards myself, and then tearing up (with joy) visualizing telling myself that I am doing great while I’m learning new things. I thought of everything that my mother would tell me if she were there watching me. Thank you for this recording.

    • Path of Self Love School

      Bree – we are so glad this meditation supported you! Yes, to being filled up with joy.

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