How our Self-Love Ambassadors are Impacting the World!

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2020’s Self-Love Day was our 13th year
on the 13th day of February! 

We had some of our lovely self-love guides do events this year as well as our self-love ambassadors. Tune in, allow the beauty of their love and support to their communities sink in for a moment. Allow yourself to be witness to love. The more love we remind ourselves of, the more love we can see and be in the world.

How our Self-Love Guides and Self-Love Ambassadors Are Sharing the Love…

#1. Self-Love Day in Los Banos, CA, USA

One Self-Love Guides Rebecca held a self-love circle in her community and

here is what she had to say about the experience:

“It was such an impactful gathering!

I held a small event at a wellness center. There was a group of six women (one freshman in high school). We began the self love circle by dropping in with a small meditation. We then went around the circle and shared “What self love isn’t. . . ” I briefly shared about the 10 branches of self love. We wrote love letters to ourselves and ended them with a self love promise. Everyone chose one or all self love promises and shared with the group. The women enjoyed a 30 minute sound bath (gong and singing bowls) and then we ended our circle by sharing out what we received and sharing 3 hugs with the women in the room.”


#2. Self-Day Love in Cranford, NJ, USA

One of our Self Love Ambassadors, Patrice, has started a new ministry called Love Perfected: Christ-Centered Community and Self-Care which is sponsored by The Launch. February 8th was the start of her in-person gathering by starting with International Self-Love Day!

Going forward, she will be holding monthly circles with her community.

This was what her circle experience was like in February…

“I love to cook and bake, so I prepared treats for my guests and started off the event by asking everyone to get a name tag, pen, and stationary from the “Love You” bucket/table. The name tags on the table had affirmations on them instead of names. The name tags said, “Hello”, and I filled in with words like I am powerful, capable, gifted, enough, cherished, etc. Each woman was to choose a name tag that spoke to her in that moment or choose a blank one to write in her own affirmation.

The next thing we did was to stop and do a check-in with ourselves. We each took turns, sharing what we were feeling in that moment, simply acknowledging, without judgment. For mine, I felt led to sing (I am classically trained), so I sang an old Negro Spiritual entitled “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child” as my check-in. I noted that although I feel like a motherless child, I am not without hope and I am grateful for that.

I did theatrical readings of two poems, one at the beginning and one at the end of our time together. My favorite poem that I read is entitled, “Never Trust A Mirror” by Erin Hanson.

We talked about what self-care looks like to us and got creative in the many ways one can care for herself. After sharing, I played some instrumental harp music and asked each woman to write a love letter to herself, enclose it in the envelope provided and open it on Valentine’s Day.

One woman remarked that it was the first time she’d felt truly heard. What amazes me is that there are no walls at our meetings. Women share openly and vulnerably and it is nothing short of magnificent.”


3. Self-Love Day in Portland OR, USA

Our Self Love Guide, Lulu, held a circle called, Loving Your WHOLE Self: An exploration for women in Self Compassion, Love, and Acceptance. It was held at a Healing Center Spa where 21 women attended age ranges from 23 to 65, mothers daughters and friends.

Here is what she had to say about her experience…

“We had such a blast, everyone was so engaged and said it was so meaningful! They especially enjoyed the group discussion and appreciated feeling sisterhood and support.

Women shared openly in Inner Mean Girl talking circles and revealed how remarkably connected and not-alone we are. We then practiced EFT tapping to start shifting those negative beliefs, meditated with our compassionate Inner Wisdoms, spoke affirmations into the mirror, mindfully ate chocolate, and even made a craft!

Her co-host Autumn Louise Schaefer, gave a visual presentation of inspiration and education, and led ladies in thoughtful journal prompts after each section of the workshop.

My personal highlight was leading the group to sing a song I wrote, “You are more than good enough” to each other. We could feel the love palpably!”


In honor of the 13th annual International Self Love Day on February 13th, self-love ambassadors and guides gathered their friends, children, family, clients, and communities to connect and strengthen their ability to make more self-loving choices for themselves in tangible, practical, fun and empowering ways.

Together we are making self-love something that is embraced, celebrated, taught and practiced around the world… so every child is born connected to love and stays connected to that love.

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It’s free and all about love + community… while elevating hearts around the world.





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