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We are thinking about you!

We wanted to find the best support for our community at this time,
and realized that bite-sized self-love tools
that we know work, could be the perfect answer.

May this provide you with some guidance and support,
a small way to support yourself into being kind, loving and supportive
toward you and your precious heart.

We reached out to our Self Love Guides and Alumni from the Path of Self Love Teacher Training, to find out what their daily self-love tool go-to’s are, especially during this time. These are tools they use in their own lives and those that work with in the world. You will see some repeated tools, showcasing the deep impact and effectiveness of this self-love medicine.

This map image below, shows over 100 Self Love Teachers that have been trained in the Self Love Medicine from the Path of Self Love School. We’re honored and amazed to see how far reaching this work continues to be. To find out more about our Path of Self Love Teacher Training and to be notified when we’ll have our next training, follow the link here.


Self Love Alumni, 2018, Andrea outside Zurich, Switzerland shares…

Each morning upon waking up, I put my hand on my heart and ask my inner wisdom: “What do I need to receive today?” I speak my power mantra of 2020 and remind myself of my three favourite life force focuses (Spiritual, Self Love & Relational). The daily saying of these personal mantras helps me to stay on my path.


Self Love Alumni, 2019, Carla from Victoria, Australia shares…

The bookends are my daily practice beginning by plugging into self before the world, through meditation. Then go outside, bare feet in the grass connecting, grounding, rooting to earth, feeling supported and held by our great mother. Prayer for all & asking how I can be of service. Moving my body however feels right, yoga, Qi gong or dance, and walking. When I walk I listen to podcasts and audio books to nourish my mind. Remaining true to myself by honouring the practices, present & curious about what comes up for me & being really honest and accepting of where I am at.

In the evening, downshifting I switch off from the world hours before bed. And when I hop into bed, I lay in moments of gratitude for all the experiences, the people, and knowing everyday in all my integrity I am strengthening connection to my divine essence within, enabling me to be of more nourishing service to my beloveds, my network, community and world. I am so grateful to have made the choice to walk this path, it has changed my life!!

To find out more about Carla, visit her on Instagram.

Self Love Alumni, 2019, Dina from CO, USA shares…

My daily practice of Self-Trust and Tapping into My Inner Wisdom: Asking my wisdom what I need to know and where to focus my energy, and then free flow journaling. Then pulling an Oracle card to anchor my information.


To find out more about Dina, visit her Facebook Page.


Self Love Alumni, 2018, Heather from MN, USA shares…

I start my day with a practice of tuning into my Inner Wisdom and asking what I need to know, and then pulling an Oracle card. I trust that the message on the card is exactly what I need to hear in that moment. Then I place the card on my altar as a reminder throughout my day.

To find out more about Heather, visit her Facebook Page.

Self Love Alumni, 2018, SpiritLinda from IL, USA shares…

Daily practice before getting out of bed. Lying on my back looking up to the heavens and saying a

Self Compassion and Forgiveness Mantra :1. Thank you Most High for Loving Me. Thank you for Loving this Planet and all its inhabitants

2. Please forgive me when I showed up unconscious of your Divine Love.

3. I play fun music for Self-Care, sing and make funny silly faces, expressing my inner child throughout the entire day.


To find out more about Spirit Linda, visit her Facebook Page.

Self Love Alumni, 2019, Lulu from OR, USA shares…

Reframing the story. When my Inner Mean Girl is getting anxious or aggressive in my mind, I’m getting better at noticing that it’s her script and not the whole truth.

Compassionately, I listen for any valid needs that she’s expressing, and do what I can to meet them. I speak kindly to myself and ask my Inner Wisdom to chime in. Then I switch the energy in my body so I can be more clear. Showing myself patience is so much better than pressure!


To find out more about Lulu, visit her Facebook Page.

Self Love Alumni, 2018, Marci from MO, USA shares…

I frequently use my own version of the inner wisdom two step. Giving voice to what feelings are present. And then slowing down and tuning into what I need to hear or do. This helps me shift my mood or release tension in my body again and again.

To find out more about Marci, visit her on Instagram.

Self Love Alumni, 2018, Mikki from VT, USA shares…

My morning ritual sets the tone for the day. I light at least one white candle asking for protection,

and then with a lit stick of Santo Paulo I go from room to room, blessing and asking for health, safety, nourishment, clarity….whatever the day and each room feels it needs for me that day. Over coffee, I journal and do an Oracle reading. I also have a lovely “healing heart oil” of damiana, hibiscus and rose that I rub on my chest as I look inward and ask what my energy number is and what I need to feel/hear for the day and journal about that as well. It sets the tone for the day and reminds me to honor all the feelings as they arise.

To find out more about Mikki, visit her on Instagram.

Self Love Alumni, 2020, Rebecca from CA, USA shares…

Before getting out of bed asking “What do I need to receive today?” then using that to set my intention for the day. Also, checking in on my Life Force daily (between 0-100) and guiding my actions based on that. When in melt down mode using the “Best Case/Worse Case/Real Case Scenario” to journal. (This is one of the tools we use, to look at what is the best case scenario based on the current dilemma, what is the worst case and what is the in between and most likely to happen). Big life savers!

To find out more about Rebecca, visit her Facebook Page.


Self Love Alumni, 2019, Ta’lor from PA, USA shares…

Focusing on what I can control by giving myself permission to feel to understand my feelings. My feelings may not always be perfect but they are real, valid, and worth exploring.


To find out more about Ta’lor, visit her on Instagram.



We encourage you to get to know our Self Love Alumni, follow them and like their Social Media handles. The more we support each other the bigger the Self-love movement becomes!

We’d also love to hear if one of these self-love tips will be implemented into your life, or if there is another self-love tool that you already use daily, please share in the comments below.


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