Boosting Your Heart With Self-Love

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Two ways to boost your self-love today!

Simple but mighty ways to increase your inner self-love. We know that there are thousands of thoughts moving through our mind a day, often times bouncing from one thing to another with little direction. And more often than not, the mind focuses on the past and future, keeping us from experiencing the moment, right here and now. We all know how it also loves focusing on the negative elements of ourselves, others and overall what if’s, should have’s and general lack.

So, this mighty suggestion is to help focus the mind and heart on what can boost your self-love with intention, awareness and a deep feeling of well-being.


1. Write yourself a Love Letter

Give yourself the opportunity to tell yourself all the ways you love YOU!

Allow yourself to sit quietly and tap into your heart space.

Share the things you love about yourself,
what you’re proud of yourself for, ways in which you are
witnessing your growth, bravery and path to self-love.

Take out your journal, a piece of paper, stationary…
anything that feels like how you might write a love letter to someone else.

And, without judgement, without shame, without any hesitancy

Allow yourself to be open. Open your heart. Open your mind.

Open Your Heart

Open to receive your inner wisdom and
guidance to more self-love


2. Record Your Voice Saying affirming Self-Love Mantras

Hearing our own voice speak back to us is powerful medicine.

Tap into your inner wisdom for the self-love boosting mantras
that will uplift, inspire and support you!

Hear your own voice, with love and conviction around ways in which
you can best remind yourself what matters to you.

Listen to this daily for as long as it takes to really feel your own medicine of self-love

Here are a few that we love:

  • I am Open To Receive Support
  • I love Myself
  • I am Loved and Nurtured
  • My heart is my guide
  • I am Strong, Wise and Capable
  • I am Worthy
  • I am Beautiful
  • I am Radiant
  • I am Enough


Dearest, know that even though these suggestions might be simple, they are profound. Allow yourself to have intentional focused thoughts during your day where the focus is on love, support and inner wisdom. Retraining the mind to start to see the ways in which love is all around you.

Share with Us Your Experience

We would love to hear how these suggestions helped you or what other mantras you came up with!



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  • Mary Jane Rigmaiden

    I just wanted to say Congratulations on your new book. Christine! It will surely be a blessing especially in these times….
    I also wanted to share how being a part of your wonderful and sacred teaching offerings with you and your Soul Sister Team (Stacey and Lea in my travels with you) in especially The Path of Self Love School has been the foundation of navigating the way of coping and staying grounded during my recent challenging times. After returning to work admidst the Covid protocols, my brother unexpectedly passed away from a heart condition. While helping my mom through this the California fires threatened our homes. We had to evacuate twice. During this time my 90 year old mom fell and was hospitalized. Our evacuation meant “camping ” at Laguna Seca (Weather Tec Race Track,) because we have 5 golden retrievers. It was such a stressful time but I used what I learned from Christine’s teachings to stay focused, positive and grateful. Others asked how I always had a serenity and smile. Using the practices I incorporated into my life all along gave me what I needed.
    Thank you, Christine for sharing your deep wisdom!
    In Light and Love
    Mary Jane

    • Tarja Stoeckl

      Oh Mary Jane! Thank you for sharing your story and for letting us know how the teachings have supported you at this trying time. We’re so honored you shared and really grateful that you were able to find solace amidst the challenge. Many blessings to you – from all of us at the Path of Self Love School!

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