Self-Love Care Package

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We are here to support you through the next few months! If there is something specific that you think could help, email us


Take the next 12 minutes to really allow yourself to be infused with self-compassion, gentleness, kindness toward yourself,
patience and understanding.

There is no better time then now.

Soak it in, allow yourself to grab some tea, lay down or simply sit quietly. Let the love and self-compassion soak in!

self love self compassion mantra be kind



We’d love to hear how these self-love tools help you.

Please share your experience in the comments.

  • How did the meditation and the practice make you feel?
  • Do you feel more ease?
  • What is your take away?


If you feel like it would be supportive at this time,
please join our Yoga of Self-Love class, where we do
a deeper dive into the 10-branches of Self Love,
with meditations, activities and love boosts that
come directly to your virtual space.

This is a wonderful time to continue your self-discovery and self-love journey!

To Learn more, click here and read more about The Yoga of Self Love




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  • Ana

    Thank you so much, Christine. I just cried rivers here, lol. One of the best things I’ve received.

    Much love to you

  • Christine Arylo

    thank you dear ana! that means your heart opened to receive the compassion !

  • Gaileen flaman

    Wonderful timing to receive the letter and take in the meditation. Beautiful and impact full music helped me clearly hear the message that I am enough. I appreciate your gift.

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