What Language Can We Use To Teach Self Love to Our Kids & Young People?

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One of the things we’ve found in the last 15 years of researching and teaching self-love is that most people just don’t have the language to see how their choices, thoughts and feelings are connected to a lack of self love. 

We’ve also noticed that those of us who influence younger generations – whether it’s our children, our family, our students, clients or just the amazing beings we get to mentor or guide – also don’t have the language they or we need to meet so many of the challenges and choices they face.

One of the essential parts of guiding others in a way that keeps them true to themselves and helps them turn feelings of fear, shame, comparison, and perfectionism into self-love is having the words.

We asked Tarja Sovay, a former Assistant Teacher and Alumni of the Path of Self Love, to share how she’s used the Path of Self Love methodology and language and tools, to raise her two girls, guide the young women she finds herself in conversations with, and create experiences for young women where she lives in Arizona.

You can tune in to part of conversation she and Christine Arylo had about this below: 

“When we have the right language, we can actually have conversations with our kids and for ourselves.”


Some of heart of the conversation includes:

  • How learning the self-care tool and language of the 13 OverGiving Imprints, gives you the ability to recognize in your own life  – “Oh, I am over giving here. I have a tendency to over give and over compensate because of not feeling valued. I am compromising with myself and now am feeling angry and resentful. What do I actually need right now? “
  • And then how we can help those we guide see how they are overgiving and burning themselves out, or pushing themselves too hard – we call this tool, a “Changing in the Moment” tool – where you shift from a self sabotagiong to self loving choice.
  • Then, it’s about creating and teaching Proactive Self Love Practices – like the Receiving Practice – that makes sure you are getting what you need everyday – mind, body, heart and spirit.

Tune into see how Tarja is using the language and the tools.


If having more tested and effective and fun self-love tools are something that would support you personally or professionally or with those you guide and lead..

Consider joining us for the 12 week Self Love Essentials Training.

We learn language such as The Inner Wisdom, the Inner Mean Girl/Guy, the Love and Relationship Rings, along with many others.

It gives us a common language that we can use to identify and examine things that are going on with our Self Love. We can then have conversations with our children, our loved ones and with ourselves that get to the root of our self love deficiencies. Then real changes can occur.

The positive feedback we hear from so many of our alumni is around having a common language to talk about Self Love.

Our once a year training begins next Tuesday, September 20th.

Go here to learn more and register – www.SelfLoveTraining.com


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