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We respect and honor you! We collect, use, and process your data based on our privacy policy. You may opt-out at any time.

Join Christine Arylo, best-selling self-love author and founder of the international movement of self-love, for a special Self Love Quiz to reveal how you love yourself well, and how you could love yourself better.

Take the self love quiz to:

  • Discover where you are strong at loving yourself and where you are weak in self-love, based on the “5 Gates of Self-Love.”
  • Uncover how you can practically and tangibly love yourself better by focusing on the areas of self-love that most need your attention.
  • Break self-love down to manageable and specific parts so you can see more clearly where you would be best served to focus on making shifts.
  • Receive a full Self Love Pulse Check Report that reveals your scoring for ALL 5 Gates of Self-Love, the five foundations for deep, unwavering and strong self-love so you can feel great about the ways you do love yourself, and support yourself to grow in the ways you could be better to yourself.

Over the past 15 years we’ve worked with thousands of people around the world to cultivate deep self-love in real, practical, tangible ways.

Self love can seem so vast and esoteric, but the 5 Gates of Self-Love and the self-love technology I’ve created and tested, breaks self-love down to give you new levels of awareness and focus so you can pinpoint the areas you are strong and weak, and from there make shifts on the inside, which lead to shift on the outside.

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The question DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? is not a yes or no question.
Most people love themselves in some ways pretty well, and in other ways pretty terrible.

For example…

  • You can be a rock star at work, confident and put together, but a mess in your love life.
  • You could appear to have lots of self esteem and self trust (two kinds of self-love) on the outside but beat yourself up on the inside.
  • You could have wonderful relationships with the people in your life, but when it comes to your body, it’s like being at war.
  • You could be living a ‘fine’ or even great looking life, but not be living the life your heart and soul actually desires, settling for less.
  • Other people could love and respect you for who you are and all you do, but on the inside you know you are sacrificing your own health & happiness.

Self-love is the foundation of a person’s happiness, health, relationships, career, everything.

Most people just never stop to look at the foundation, they focus on the exterior, the things you can easily see and fix. Partly because even if you do know you need to love yourself, the question HOW DO I LOVE MYSELF? comes next and many answers are vague, over simplistic and not directed at what to “DO.”

15 years ago when I realized I had self esteem but lacked self-love, I began what has now become a life long journey to build a strong foundation of self-love in my life and to practice choosing self-love every day.

There are REAL steps to creating a strong self-love foundation for yourself.

This Self Love Pulse Check will help you check your foundation so you can see where to put your time, energy and love to create the strongest foundation of self-love you can for yourself. SO take it now, and see what you need, from yourself!

The quiz takes under 7 minutes to complete. Take an act of self-love and give yourself the space to take it. Plus, it will be SO fun!

See you on the other side!

With heart,

christine arylo

Christine Arylo
Founder of the Path of Self Love School
Best-Selling Author & Transformational Leadership Advisor

  • Christine Arylo brilliantly shares a pathway for people to fall in love with the essence of who they are.

    Kristine Carlson
    Kristine Carlson NY Times Bestselling Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women
  • Christine Arylo takes the illusive task of learning to love yourself and turns it into a concrete, how-to, doable path that anyone can master.

    Rhonda Britten
    Rhonda Britten Emmy-Award winner, Fearless Living Founder
  • Christine Arylo teaches the essential practice of self-love in a way that is deeply healing, profoundly transformational, absolutely brilliant, and fun!

    Christine Hassler
    Christine Hassler best-selling author, spokesperson, spiritual counselor

About Christine Arylo, founder of the International Movement of Self Love

christine aryloChristine Arylo is an internationally recognized inspirational catalyst and spiritual coach and the best-selling self-love author of Choosing ME before WE, Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl.

Christine has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Self-Love’ for her daring and groundbreaking work to make self-love a tangible reality for people around the world, including founding the international day of self-love on February 13th and the international self-love movement which every year helps to sponsor events in over 41 countries, works with teens and girls and works to educate people on what self-love is and how to do it.

Christine’s opinions have aired on E! Entertainment, CBS, FOX and ABC and radio shows across the country, as well as in the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Daily Om.

A self-admitted, but recovering achievement junkie, Kellogg m.b.a. and a former marketing executive for companies like Gap, Visa and Frito-Lay, Christine works with leaders and emerging leaders to redesign how they lead, create, manage and operate in more balanced, sustainable ways where happiness and health are not sacrificed.

When not out in the world speaking, teaching and leading transformational experiences and retreats in locales around the world, Christine can be found hanging out with her soul partner Noah and their soul tribe of spectacular people in her home in California Wine Country enjoying good food, great wine and meaningful (and laughter-filled) conversation.

love youself well... if you don't, no one else can.

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I’d like to take the
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(it’s free)

We respect and honor you! We collect, use, and process your data based on our privacy policy. You may opt-out at any time.

I’d like to take the
Self Love Quiz

(it’s free)

We respect and honor you! We collect, use, and process your data based on our privacy policy. You may opt-out at any time.