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Best-selling Self-Love books by Christine Arylo, founder of the Path of Self Love School

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl
Reform Your Inner Mean Girl

7 Steps to Transforming Self-Bullying into Self Love.

Transform your inner Critic. Trust Your Inner Wisdom. Make self-empowering choices instead of self-sabotaging ones.

Madly in Love with ME
Madly in Love with ME

The Self Love Go-To Guidebook

Strengthen all 10 branches of self-love. Create a strong self-love foundation that supports all areas of your life.

Choosing ME Before WE
Choosing ME Before WE

Self Love & Relationships

Stay true to yourself and create the loving, respectful relationships you deserve & desire.

Self Love Coloring Book & Journal
Self Love Coloring Book & Journal

Heart Art For Loving Yourself More Everyday

Self-Care, Self-Compassion, Self-Empowerment, Self-Acceptance, Self-Empowerment, & More.

What if You Could Flip a Switch & Stop the Critical Voice in Your Head

Finally, a way to break through the negative self-talk and self-sabotage that is personal + powerful + playful. This book will guide you to:

reform your inner mean girl self love book christine arylo
  • Reveal which of the 13 Inner Mean Girls you have – Good Girl, Perfectionist, Comparison Queen, or ??
  • Expose the motivation under your self-sabotaging habits so you can break them
  • Transform self-criticism into self-compassion
  • Distinguish between your fear + your truth so you can make better choices


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Based on the approach that has empowered over 30,000 women and girls

Self Love is a Practice, a Path and a Choice. This book
will strengthen your entire self-love foundation.

If you want to go beyond the “idea” of loving, valuing, and caring for yourself to taking action that will help you experience self-love in real, tangible ways that affects all areas of your life from your work to your relationships to your health and wealth and happiness… then I wrote this book for you. It’s a “self-love handbook” – practical, actionable, and playful (it’s the simple practices and play that get into the roots of self-love. This book will guide you to:

madly in love with me self love book christine arylo
  • Learn the 10 different kinds of self-love (self-esteem isn’t enough)
  • Discover where you are weak and strong in self-love – using simple self-love assessments for each branch of self love
  • Try daily practices, take actions, ask yourself insight questions
  • Gain the power to give yourself permission to do things like take care of yourself, without guilt; go for your dreams with conviction; love your body as it is; trust yourself; forgive yourself for past choices; and express yourself fully and freely
  • Become stronger at choosing love for yourself over fear, guilt, shame, blame, pressure and criticism


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This isn’t some theoretical boring self-love book. The practices and processes in this
book have been called ‘an illuminated path of self love anyone can master.’


This book is so much fun and a truly life changing experience. I will admit I was a little suspicious of this book at first. It seemed silly and childish. But I was totally wrong! Christine includes a lot of great content, concepts, and fun, empowering activities. I look forward to reading it and doing the assignments every morning – they never feel like drudgery, because they’re playful and enjoyable.

Christine is an extremely genuine and heartfelt person. Her loving spirit bleeds through the prose and she provides supplemental audio and videos and materials on her website for those who buy the book. This is a really fun adventure that’s helped me reevaluate my relationship to myself and the world.

Madly in Love with Me has given me power over my negative body image, my co-dependency, and taught me how to enjoy my own company. Plus, it’s given me the inspiration to try new things that I was too scared to do before. Anyone who is looking to kno


If you want to take a stand for only having loving, respectful relationships that rock your soul, fill your heart with love, and support your dreams, then this book was written for you.

Warning: Prepare to be challenged… prepare to get honest with yourself… and prepare to choose love for yourself for good, no matter who you are or aren’t sleeping next too.

choosing me before we self love book christine arylo

I wrote this book for women of all ages, relationship stages and romantic orientation (men tell me they love it too!) Whether you’re seeking a relationship, evaluating a less than fulfilling one, rebounding from a bad breakup, or working through issues with a partner, Choosing ME before WE can show you how to:

  • Take a stand for only having loving, respectful relationships
  • Stop settling and start choosing partnership that support your best life
  • Get real about the kind of relationship – and LIFE! — you are looking for
  • Stop making the same mistakes, and dating the same people who don’t honor just how sacred you are
  • Stop making your choices from a place of lack, loneliness or fear and start making them from a place of wholeness, self-empowerment and self-honor.


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This is the go-to book on self-respect, self-honor and self-empowerment when it comes to romantic relationships that we all needed, but few of us received.


If I had the extra money, I would buy a copy of this book and gift it to every woman I know. Truly a life-changing book, and those are words I don’t take lightly. Wow! – Kaki

I went through the book with highlighter, tabs and journal in hand. I seriously collected more real, useful tidbits from this book than I think I’ve ever gotten from therapy. This is not fluff or filler, but real substance mixed with Christine’s personal experiences and antic dotes. Since reading the book I’ve bought several additional copies to keep on hand for friends who are going through relationship or self-esteem challenges. It’s a gem! – Katherine

It felt like I was talking to my girlfriend or with someone whose opinion I could really trust. – Shabnam



The Self Love Coloring Journal & Book includes 22 illustrations -13 Self Love Mantras + 13 Heart Art Portraits PLUS Inner Wisdom Journaling inquiries to support you to trust yourself and stay true to yourself and choose love for yourself no matter.

For women and for girls – for yourself or as a gift, the pages inside are meant to be like medicine for your tender and courageous heart and super power for your soul.

self love coloring journal

Each set of illustrations was created intentionally to invoke a specific kind of self-love, and includes a set of “heart and soul” inquiries to journal with:

Self-Care, Self-Compassion, Self-Empowerment, Self-Acceptance, Self-Empowerment, & More.

Use this self-love journal and coloring book like medicine and for your heart and soul:

  • Choose a specific type of self-love and proactively strengthen it.
  • Give yourself a “love boost” on the days you are feeling down.
  • Use the inquiries to connect and communicate with your deeper wisdom and truth.
  • Add personalized words and images to make the heart art even more your own.

Give it as a gift. Use it in workshops. Do it together with friends/daughters. AND for sure get one for YOURSELF!


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Fun and Powerful All in One!
What an awesome book– fun and playful, and filled with powerful healing and loving inquiries in the form of “heart and soul sparks”, places to journal and inspiring information and helpful support and healing/empowering mantras all wrapped up with “heart art”! What a beautiful way to explore self-love, connect more deeply to ourselves and love ourselves more! I am ordering more of these wonderful books, starting with one for a young woman who just graduated high school to celebrate her journey so far and beautifully support her on her journey out in the world! – Havi Mandell, Phd, Teacher, Therapist, ‎Growthspring Counseling & Wellness

You can feel the love that Christine has infused in this coloring book and journal.
I bought one for myself and one for my 17 year old Daughter. We are working on them separately and then will gather together in a circle to share. It is great idea to have a coloring book and journal combined. Plus, you can take them with you anywhere and use any time. These would make amazing gifts for any celebration. We all need to remember the importance of self-love. Thank you Christine for sharing your wisdom! – Heather Nardi, Minnesota, Holistic Health + Parenting Coach

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