Welcome to the Madly in Love with Me Book Readers Kit

What you will find below are the meditations and hand-illustrated templates created to provide you with guidance and support as you embark on your Madly In Love with Me Self Love adventure, using the book Madly in Love with Me.

Below are the following items for you to download, and use as you go through the Daring Acts of Love and the Practices in the book. And then incorporate them into your life.

#1 Meditations & Guided Visualizations 
#2 Hand-Illustrated Templates – aka Heart Art and Love-plates 



This is the place you go to get the free guided meditations and visualizations mentioned in the book. There are guided visualizations that will take you deeper into the specific branch or aspect of your relationship with yourself that you are working with.

These visualizations were recorded by me, Christine Arylo, from my heart to yours, by tuning into the station of 108.00 FM LOVE! They were produced and recorded by my good friend Rob Ahlers. The music is played by Karen Drucker, a wonderful song-writer and inspirational singer and musician.

Listen & Download


If you like the meditations, or if you are looking for a meditation not included in the free book readers kit here, you can access all the branches of self-love :

on Spotify HERE 

Including Self-Pleasure, Self-Care, Self-Expression and more.



#2 Hand-Illustrated Templates – aka LovePlates

Get all the colorful hand-illustrated templates – which we refer to as Loveplates – mentioned throughout the book. You will use these mostly for your ME Art Adventures, the creative escapades you will take into your heart and soul to learn more about you than you ever knew before.


The love-plates were hand-illustrated by me, Christine Arylo, because I believe in the power of visual thinking, journaling and intentional creativity. We have to get out of our head, and into our bodies, hearts and spirits to see what’s really going on inside.

Also I have seen in my transformational work for almost 20 years, that we cannot change something we cannot see. Once we have language, along with image, for something we were formerly blind to, we gain the power to change it.  These templates will help you illuminate the deeper wisdom, feelings and truth, give you more self-awareness, and open up the doors to the power of self-love, in real, practical ways.

The templates are listed by chapter to make it easy to find. Take the steps and follow the few rules required to unlock your creativity and open your heart, to make this both insightful and enjoyable for you!

  1. As you get to the place in the book when it’s time for this loveplate, download it by clicking on the link – all loveplates are in PDF form.
  2. Print them in color if you can. If you can’t print them, you can re-create them in your journal or on blank paper.
  3. Use the loveplate as directed in the ME Art adventure either by writing on the sheets you print out, or get out yourmarkers and colored pencils or crayons and re-create what we’ve created in your journal or art pad, but in your own way.




  1. No comparison, only creativity. There are no better artists, or worse artists. You are creative, in your own way, different than everyone else. This is good! Be inspired by others creations but don’t compare your creations to others.
  2. Color outside the line – color any darn way you please! Complete artistic freedom – follow your heart and soul.
  3. Believe you are good enough at drawing to do this. Believe you were born to be creative. This isn’t about perfection, achievement or fine art – this is about you unleashing a part of yourself – your CREATIVE BEING – to find the joy and love inside of you that your MIND just doesn’t have access to.
  4. Your inner 7-year old is in charge, not your Inner Mean Girl or your too-busy, cranky doing addict, perfectionist or achievement junkie. When your inner mean girl rears her ugly head, give her a hug, tell her it’s okay and remind her that you are creative, in your very unique kind of way. Or when you find yourself thinking you don’t have time for this, let go of control, surrender and use the power of play to bring you to places inside yourself you may have long ago abandoned or ignored.

Wherever this finds you today, may you remember how much YOU ARE LOVED, simply because YOU ARE YOU!



Chapter: Self-Love Isn’t A Dirty Word & You Can’t Catch Narcissism

Chapter: Self-Awareness & Self-Honesty

Chapter: Self-Acceptance

Chapter: Self-Care

Chapter: Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

Chapter: Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness


Chapter: Self-Empowerment

Chapter: Self-Pleasure

Chapter: Make a Self Love Promise