Whether single, married or in a relationship, every woman has to know in her heart and soul who she wants as a partner, as in who that person is at his core and why he makes her life better. If you can’t articulate with passion and conviction who and why you want this particular guy in your life, you might as well play the “any guy will do lottery” because your odds of being totally happy in a relationship are as likely as winning the lottery.I’ve met too many women who have either clung to the man-list (which no guy could ever measure up to) or couldn’t get beyond cute, rich and a good person when asked the kind of guy they wanted to spend their life with. Ladies, we have to take responsibility for our lives and for the partners we invite in. Luckily, we have something called the Core Four™ on our side.

What is the Core Four™?

The Core Four™ is the power of intention put to work to attract the partner you want. In its simplest form, it works like this:

Focus and Express the four core essences that your heart and soul – not your mind, ego or fear – want in a partner and you will attract what you desire.

Think of it like building a giant man magnet. Clarity and the ability to express an essence – rather than a trait, attribute or characteristic – is critical to attracting the guy that will fill your heart, soul and life with love, trust, respect and friendship vs. one that will just look good on your arm, help you pay the bills and provide decent sex.

In Choosing ME before We there is an entire chapter dedicated to helping you develop and commit to your Core Four™. I’ve helped so many women (and men, just change the pronoun) find the partner they want, or get real about the one they have, using the Core Four.

Give it a try!

The Core Four™ Visualization

Use this audio as a companion to the Core Four chapter in Choosing ME before We. I’ve recorded the “Feeling the Energy: Use Your Imagination” visualization from Step 2 because frankly it’s hard to visualize and read at the same time!

I’ve included two versions, depending on if it’s a HE or SHE you want to attract.

Get Access to the recording, close your eyes and let yourself really envision and feel this person at their core. By 

Our Sum is greater than the value

of its parts.
He brings good energy, enhancing my energy. Together we are a powerful force. Experiencing or participating in something together is exponentially enhanced vs doing it alone. Although each only has eyes and heart for each other, we are able to divide and conquer and be self-sufficient separately.


I’ve gone long enough without intimacy and I crave it when I’m with someone I care about. He will hold my hand in public, wrap his arms around my waist while I’m cooking, bring me flowers for no good reason and let me take him away for a surprise weekend. He takes care of himself, not necessarily a gym rat, but he cares about what he eats and his overall health and tries to stay attractive and let’s face it, alive…for me (and for himself.)

He grows and grows and grows, always experiencing life 100%, stepping fully into all life has to offer for the rest of his life.

He is a self-aware person, who knows who he is, and who knows that he can always continue to be an even better version of himself. He is committed to being his best self. He is honest with himself about his strengths and his weaknesses and he always faces them and grows because of them.

He never stops growing as a person, even when it’s hard. He is open to everything in life and has a great zest for trying new things and experiencing life to it’s fullest, and he wants to experience those things with me. He is adventurous, spontaneous and full of life, and doesn’t spend a moment wasting the wonder that life has to offer.