How to Honor Self Love Day

Create self love experiences for yourself, and for others in your personal or professional communities.

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Every Year in February,
in honor of the international Self Love Day,
we here at the Path of Self Love School:


Invite people to CHOOSE SELF LOVE for the coming year by taking a self-love pulse check on the 10 branches of self-love + making a self-love promise for the year.   You check in with your self love foundation to see what’s weak and needs strengthening. Then create a self love promise that supports you to stay true to yourself in that branch of self love. Go here to access the Self Love Promise Kit.


Create a Self Love Circle Guidebook you can use to gather others in your personal or professional communities – it’s free. Age and gender neutral. Simple. And fun! Access it here.


Create a special Teacher Self Love Guidebook for educators who want to bring self-love into their classroom. Focused on a specific branch of self love, this year self-care, and our Dare to Be Me methodology, this free resource can be accessed here.


Collaborate with partner organizations to bring self love to their members, staff, volunteers and those they serve. This year we are collaborating with groups of high school students with clubs and communities to facilitate circles, workshops and book clubs.  Reach out to Rebecca Allen to learn more at

Self Love Day is the start of another Year of Self Love!

Consider yourself invited to participate in the energy of Self Love Day. You don’t have to “do” it on February 13th. Anytime in February, or really anytime at all during the year, is great.

We embrace that self love is a lifetime path, a practice and a choice. And the stronger our inner love is, the more love we have to give to others.

You can learn more about Self Love Promise Kit + The Self Love Circle Guidebook below.

Also  join us on our Instagram Feed @PathofSelfLove – and let’s share and beam the love together.

Self Love Circle & Workshop Guidebook


For those of you who would love to gather your people – personally or professionally – for a self love experience that is both potent and fun.

We’ve been creating these guides every year for over a decade. This year, the guide we decided to focus on the roots of self-love, keep it simple, and give you and those you gather a practical and powerful way to strengthen your inner foundation.

The methodology of the 10 branches of Self Love and the practice of the Self Love Promise.

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