SELF LOVE MEDITATIONS THAT GENERATE LOVE… for loving yourself more in simple yet powerful ways!

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be you. love you. live you.


Self-Love Meditations
from Christine Arylo
Founder of The Path of Self Love School

If you are ready to love yourself more, be a better friend to yourself, and take a stand for the most important relationship you will ever have (that’s the one with yourself)… then you have come to the right place! We have self love meditations for your heart and soul.

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You will receive this 3-pack of meditations:

  1. SELF-COMPASSION TUNE-UP MEDITATION: Find compassion and forgiveness in the places you need it most
  2. SELF-EMPOWERMENT ALIGNMENT MEDITATION: A 14-minute power up session to get you tapped into the feeling that you have the power to chart the course of your destiny and live your dreams, starting now!
  3. SELF-HONESTY HEARING MEDITATION: Take a pause to see where you are not being totally straight with yourself, apply some love to the fear, and open up to see the truth.

founder of The Path of Self Love School

Hello Fabulous YOU!

Welcome! I hope you LOVE the 3-Pack of Self Love Meditations from The Path of Self Love School. We look forward to serving you on your journey to strengthen your inner foundation and ability to love yourself. If you would like to learn more about this international self-love movement and school, go to

READING MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming YourOwn Best Friend?
I imagine you’ve stopped by here to download one of the meditations or visualizations mentioned in the book? Great! Here’s the scoop. You can get the 3-pack of self love meditations for loving yourself here by signing up above. You can also access the full book reader resource page for the self love book Madly in Love with Me by CLICKING HERE. 

The free visualizations mentioned in the book have been recorded and are available for you.

THESE SELF LOVE MEDITATIONS ARE JUST A START –  there are 10 self love meditation tracks for each of the 10 branches of self-love which you can get on the Madly in Love with ME Meditation Album, which includes tracks like :

Self-empowerment – Create a Life You Love
Self-pleasure – Nourish Your Soul
Self-esteem – Boost Your Confidence
Self-Compassion – Give Yourself A Break & Choose Kindness over Self Criticism

Each track is designed to be there to give you the extra love boost we all sometimes need to choose love for ourselves.  You can learn more about the full self love meditation CD here 


With great heart,

Self-Love Meditations for Loving Yourself More from The Path of Self Love

Christine Arylo
Founder of The Path of Self Love School
Best Selling Author of Choosing ME Before WE, Madly In Love with ME,and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl 

  • Christine Arylo turns the elusive task of loving yourself into a concrete, how-to, doable path that anyone can master.

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  • Madly in Love with ME is a passionate call for each of us to make peace with who we think we are and love ourselves unconditionally.

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  • Christine Arylo is an inspirational guide for anyone on the journey to self-love. Allow Christine to be your teacher on your miraculous journey inward.

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