Here’s Your Inner Wisdom Super Power Kit!

In this kit you will receive two of our most simple but mighty super power practices for strengthening your self-care and self-compassion. Plus receive feminine wisdom for deactivating your Inner Mean Girl (so you can access your Inner Wisdom) and a meditation for those moments when you’re being really hard on yourself.

1. Click here to access two short but mighty practices (that will take you less than 3 minutes) to strengthen your self-care and self-compassion.

2. Turn In Here to Learn How Your Inner Mean Girl is Blocking Your Inner Wisdom and Keeping You In Fear.

Inner Mean Girl. Inner Wisdom. Path of Self Love

3. Go Here to Give Yourself A Break … Give Yourself Some Compassion

For those times when you are being hard on yourself, putting pressure on yourself, feeling like you are not doing a good enough job… activate the power of self-compassion by tuning into this meditation Christine Arylo taped from her heart to yours.