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Discover where you are strong and weak in self love

Access our Self-Love Kit for tools and support right now!

This professional 12-week training is for people
who guide and support others in emotional, mental,
physical, and spiritual wellness & wholeness…
to create meaningful lives and healthy relationships…
using the power of self-love, in real,
practical and potent ways.

Simple practices you can do every day
to keep you connected to Self Love
A journey of self-discovery with weekly emails,
love boosts, online wisdom library of meditations, practices and
education, these 3-11 minute tools can
help you stay connected to yourself in a chaotic world.

Deepen your knowledge and Self-Love insights with our
Founder, Christine Arylo’s book, Madly In Love With Me:
The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend.

This incorporates the 10 branches of Self-Love!

Need some 1:1 support
Our Self Love Guides have lived
the medicine of Self Love and been teaching
others for years through our training programs

Our Self Love Blog has over 30 articles
with videos, meditations and inquires to prompt
your journey into Self-Love.

Everything from what is Self-Love
to Self-Compassion, understanding your
Inner Mean Girl/Guy, or how a
Comparison Queen can show up.

Tune in and receive access to
information that can help support you right now.