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The Madly in Love with Me Book Readers Kit was created by author Christine Arylo for you to use with the book to make everything more personal, practical and insightful. The meditations, visualizations and hand-illustrated templates and worksheets were created by Christine for you, and have been tested over time with people of all ages, backgrounds and locations around the world.

You can count on this self-love methodology to give you access to your heart, body and spirit … and then your mind can come along. By using visual thinking, journaling, intentional inquiry and guided visualizations, you can get beyond the mental understanding into the deeper somatic and emotional places where the healing and freeing happens.

NOTE: You’ll find that the approach we take to self-love is playful. This is intentional, and some people find it challenging. Why? If we want to get to the heart, we need to get past the mind. Play, imagination, even a bit of magic does this. Don’t discount the significance or power of a process or practice because it seems playful or childish. We’ve found that most of our weaknesses in self-love stem and start in our childhood & formative years, before we became productive  adults. This approach is creative on purpose. Try it and see what happens, even if, especially if, it makes you uncomfortable.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at The Path of Self Love, at love@pathofselflove.org

Enjoy the process. It’s not about getting it all done. It’s about taking the journey of self love as a practice, a path and a choice.