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Just like you would go to school to learn different levels of math, or hire a fitness trainer to improve your health, or visit a doctor to heal, The Path of Self Love offers a spectrum of self love programs based on the level of support, guidance, mastery and shift you need and desire.

Our programs range from:

  • self-study experiences that fit into your life,
  • to virtual and in-person intensives,
  • to personal mentorship with a self-love guide,
  • to self-love mastery classes for those who desire to teach others or just deepen for themselves and their families.

Explore the options below and enroll.
We’d love to support you to creating a strong foundation of self-love.

A YEAR OF SELF-LOVE (Affectionately Known as The Love Club)
A YEAR OF SELF-LOVE (Affectionately Known as The Love Club)

A simple, practical, powerful, fun and affordable way to strengthen your self-love foundation and your commitment and connection to YOU. Each month you’ll strengthen one branch of self-love (we designed this to fit right into your life)!


For everyone – therapists, educators, health practitioners, coaches, yoga teachers and parents. Empower yourself & others to cultivate loving, respectful relationships that support you to soar and thrive.

Would you love to receive personal 1:1 support? OR
Become more masterful at self-love,
and guide & inspire others on their path?

Self Love Mentorship
Coaching with a Self Love Guide
For those who desire personal 1:1 guidance and support from someone who has walked the path ahead, and who can illuminate the path ahead for you… help you move past resistance… move through the struggle… reach past your comfort zone to create the life your heart & soul desire. We have a team of certified Self Love Guides personally mentored by Christine Arylo, founder of The Path of Self Love, who are masters at creating practical and powerful transformational journeys based on your personal path & desires.
Self Love Mastery
Path of Self Love Teaching Training
For those who desire to more powerfully and masterfully teach, guide and prescribe the medicine of self-love into their sacred work and their communities. You’ll receive access to and an increased ability to put some of the best self love technology – processes, tools, assessments, and more – to work for you and those you serve and care for. More than a training, it’s a community of those who dare to serve the potent message and medicine of self-love.