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Strengthening Self Love

Courses + Practices You Can Participate in from Home

We create transformational experiences for people who desire to create shift that lasts.

At the Path of Self Love School, we have students of all ages and backgrounds on every continent. Over 35,000 people have participated in our online courses and programs.

We believe that:

  • Shift that sticks happens when you make changes in your day to day life – so participating in these programs as you live your life makes the changes more powerful
  • People learn differently – so we use a variety of experiential learning tools – from video to audio to creativity to journaling to live community circles to written handbooks and books and more
  • Sometimes you need deep dives and other times it’s just about maintenance and staying connected to yourself – so we offer a variety of types of experiences from intensive 40 day practices, to year long programs that you can go as deep or light as you choose, to short love boosts

It’s our role as the best self love school on the planet to create a strong, engaging, simple but mighty transformational experience that is both powerful and fun… that is not another ‘to-do’ but something you look forward to, an experience that supports, inspires, enlightens and elevates you.

Explore our online programs which you can join at any time.


Grow + strengthen all 10 branches of self-love
A monthly or yearly program where each month you explore one branch of self-love. From self-care to self-esteem to self empowerment and more. Includes teachings, daily practices, meditations, daring adventures of love, live circles and love boosts. Strengthens your self love foundation. Structured to go as deep or as light you desire.


Breakthrough intensives focused on a foundational gate of self-love
The yogi’s, brain scientists and meta-physicians all agree, if you focus with a consistent practice and intentional path for 40 days, you can break self sabotaging and self limiting patterns and breakthrough to new, self empowering, self supportive habits and realities. We’ve created the path and the practice that you can do right in your life.


Reform Your Inner Critic. Empower Your Inner Wisdom.
If you could stop being so hard on yourself, imagine how much happier, successful and healthier you would be. A revolutionary 10-step program developed specifically for women and girls that will transform the inner sabotaging force into a self-loving, supportive force. Don’t let the playful approach make you think it’s not powerful – that’s how we catch the inner critic off guard. Co-led with Amy Ahlers, based on the best-selling book.

You can take these courses as self-study and also join us in our global community for our monthly Self Love Circles, online Self Love Studio Classroom + receive support & guidance from our Self Love Guides and inspiration from others on a similar path

What Path of Self Love Students Say About Their Experiences

The Love Club Students & Members

  • “The Love Club is a brick in my support system.”

    Vida Olivares
    Vida Olivares
  • “I just went on this amazing Love Club journey with a couple of hundred other awesome people this past year, & I am about to go again! Come with us and connect to your higher wisdom, learn how to put yourself truly first without apology, and be empowered by how wise your inner wisdom actually is. You will NEVER look back.”

    Trelle Dandridge
    Trelle Dandridge
  • “Before joining the Love Club, I was so out of touch and dis-connected to myself. Now, I am reclaiming my WORTH and VALUE. Now I TRUST and RESPECT myself!”

    Karen Carnahan
    Karen Carnahan
  • “The Love Club is a constant reminder to love myself unconditionally. When life gets hectic and busy it’s sometimes easy to start putting yourself later on the list, but seeing the Love Club emails and being part of the Love Club community gives me an opportunity to renew my vows to myself… to love myself and take time for myself no matter what.

  • “The Love Club community has been amazing. I didn’t expect it to be this warm and open and communicative. The support and new friendships are great. It has led to everything in my life changing!”

  • “In the Love Club, I’m getting the right information and support and have felt a big shift in my life. I have become happier through the self-exploration and I’m finding out it is okay to love me for who I am. Thank you for opening my eyes, my heart and my soul in a way I never thought possible.”

  • “The Love Club has really helped me be kinder to myself and I’ve stop judging myself so harshly. The support I receive means SO much to me. The fresh, vibrant, radiant presence of Christine is my inspiration to stay positive and kind to myself.”

  • “The Love Club reminds me of what’s important , especially during those times when I get drawn into the day-to-day stresses and I start venturing off-center.”

  • “The Love Club has been the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life. Since joining the Love Club I have felt support, learned so many tools and ways to comfort and trust myself. I still have more to grow but I have gained confidence and a voice to be heard in the world. I am so grateful for the Love Club community to ask questions and receive answers. The Love Club and Christine’s teachings offer hope and belonging.”

40-Day Super Power Practice Participants

  • Thank You for the Tools to Bring Self Love into Form. After three weeks of doing my morning practices everyday and other "small but mighty" practices, I got a shocking and visceral realization of how much I neglect myself on a physical care. Then I felt a huge leap in self-love by choosing to do all the "inner work", one small thing at a time. 

    Burnout to Balance Participant
  • I am very much a Type A Corporate Person. This was different for me, & I loved it! I really enjoyed the daily emails and learning. I strengthened my daily meditation practice over the 40 days…previously I only did it on the weekend and now I can’t imagine starting the day without tuning into myself and my Inner Wisdom.

    Burnout to Balance Participant
  • I’ve gotten more out of this 40-day adventure than any other counseling or experience I’ve had before now. Thank you to Christine Arylo who opened her heart and spilled her emotions for people like me to learn from.

    Choosing ME Before WE Participant
  • “Christine Arylo is a master at creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit.” Christine Arylo is one of the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that’s saying a lot!!! She is kind, supportive, encouraging, and appealed to every single learning style conceivable. This work truly changed my life.

    Inner Mean Girl Reform School Participant

Inner Mean Girl Reform School Students

  • “It is truly life-changing work!” I had so many breakthrough moments. I really got to know aspects of myself, truly as part of myself, not as issues I needed to destroy. I learned how my Inner Mean Girls have served me, and how I could manifest their flip side through my Inner Wisdom.

    Jennifer Williams
    Jennifer Williams Inner Mean Girl Graduate
  • “I have the structure, container and support to go after and live my highest calling and dreams!” 
At last I finally KNOW when the B.S. inner mean girl thoughts are coming up and I now have the tools to change in the moment and get back to my Inner Wisdom. Plus I have a community to go to that reminds me of my greatness.

    Gayle M
    Gayle M IMGRS Graduate and Inner Wisdom Golden Circle Member
  • “Christine Arylo is a Master Teacher” 
Christine is a master in creating a powerful, beautiful container for transformation of mind, body and spirit. She is one of the most competent and impeccable leaders I have encountered, and that's saying a lot!!! Her programs are far more than effective; her gift is in empowering each and every person she touches.

    Jen Todd
    Jen Todd CEO Breakthrough Partners Inc., IMGRS graduate