Self Love Coaching

Receive Personal Support & Guidance from a Self Love Guide

Self-love coaching is for people wanting to make a change or desiring support. Whatever the catalyst – relationship, career, health, money – a weak self-love is at the root. So together, we strengthen your ability to make the loving choice in real practical ways like:

Create a Strong Foundation of Self-Love & Gain the power to stay true to yourself with the support and guidance of a Self Love Guide

If you’re looking for personalized, one-on-one support to strengthen your ability to CHOOSE LOVE for yourself – instead of putting guilt, shame, blame, criticism, stress, pressure and fear on yourself, you’re in the right place!

Our approach in self love coaching is to create a transformational structure and experience with intention that gives you the ‘super power’ and support to shift how you show up from the inside out in your life.

  • SELF CARE – give yourself permission to, without guilt, make sure you get what you need, take time for yourself, and feel supported, rested, replenished in the midst of taking care of everything and everyone else. (bye bye burnout!)
  • SELF TRUST – gain the strength to listen to and follow the guidance of your inner wisdom above all else (even when it stretches or scares you.)
  • SELF EMPOWERMENT – clarity on what you really desire and the courage to wise, focused action towards creating the life – relationships, career, health, wealth, home, self-expression, you really desire (stop waiting for your dreams, and start creating them!)
  • SELF EXPRESSION — speak your truth and let the world see you fully, truthfully, and without apology or holding back (stop repressing yourself and start expressing yourself)
  • SELF RESPECT AND HONOR – take a stand to only have loving, respectful relationships and gain the power to transform or let go of the relationships that don’t (love yourself enough to choose me over we.)
blessings by christine arylo

Sometimes having a person to be there just for you – to reflect, witness and guide you to see what you can’t see for yourself or to support you as you step into what’s calling your heart & soul forward – can make all the difference.

Our Self Love Coaching & Mentorship Promise:

  • To provide you with the support, structure, and wisdom you need to stay connected, committed and true to yourself, even if that means disappointing another… and make shift happen in ways that stick + that provide you with tools you can use forever to make the most self-loving, self-empowering choices.
  • To create a customized, transformational self-love path specific to what desire to shift in your life – from the inside out. The structure and approach we use – through assessing where you are strong and weak in self love, and illuminating the self sabotage underneath the symptoms, gets to the roots of your patterns, habits + thoughts so we can make shift happen.
  • To give and teach you tools + practices that will strengthen your ability to gain more access to your Inner Wisdom, to trust yourself, to be compassionate with yourself and to make the most self empowering choices for yourself. You’ll use these practices and tools even after we complete working together.

Meet Our Self Love Guides

They are trained in Self Love Coaching and many other modalities. Most importantly they have been through their own breakthroughs and use the tools still.

Lea Guthrie
Lea Guthrie

Lea Guthrie is a transformational guide, guiding people to live life with intention and authenticity. Lea weaves creativity, fun, humor and compassion into the work she does with women of all ages privately and in sacred circles. She loves creating colorful experiences where women come together, witness and support each other, dance, laugh and create. As a Self Love Guide her passion is helping women come home to themselves, remember who they are and live life as a fully expressed woman.

Noah Martin
Noah Martin

Noah Martin is a master at helping individuals and couples see and release the invisible barriers they create to keep them from the love, friendship and intimacy they desire. His non-traditional training including Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Mystical Shamanism, coupled with his more traditional experience, a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and a co-creator of a successful 13-year marriage, makes him a valuable ally for any man/woman wanting love and happiness in their relationships and partnerships.

Rebecca Allen
Rebecca Allen

Rebecca is a graduate of the full Path of Self Love Training and has been using the tools
and methodology to work with young girls and women in small groups across the world.
Her fun, playful and deeply caring spirit allow for sessions of lightheartedness and depth
simultaneously. She uses her gift of deep, heart centered and intuitive listening to guide
people to access their Inner Wisdom. She is fluent in Spanish and is passionate about how
Self Love works on all levels – mind, body, spirit AND heart.

Are you ready to truly love yourself, stay true to yourself, be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself, no matter what?

Normally Self Love Coaching Sessions are $133. In February we offer sessions at $108.

Once you make your payment, you’ll be sent to a Thank you page, which has an application for you to fill out. There you can indicate which guide you’d like to work with (or if you have no preference indicate that) and we’ll determine the right fit for you.

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