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February 13, 2021
Welcome to the 14th Annual International Day of Self Love!

Founded by Christine Arylo and the Path of Self Love School.

Self-Love Day is all about YOU re-committing to the most important relationship of your life – the relationship you have with yourself!

Every Self Love Day
people around the world make a self-love promise to themselves that they keep for the full year to give them the strength to trust themselves, stay true to themselves and take care of themselves no matter what.

Why is the International Day of Self-Love on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day? As a culture we put so much focus and pressure on getting love from others, when the most important relationship in our lives is the one with ourselves – it’s where everything starts. If you don’t love yourself, you end up creating all kinds of self-sabotaging situations for yourself – toxic or unhappy relationships, being extremely hard on yourself, dishonoring your body, working yourself into exhaustion, giving up on your dreams, putting yourself last, and more.

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Self-Love Day was created to increase awareness about self-love
, to help people make self-love an active part of their relationship with themselves and therefore reach our ultimate mission – to make the message and medicine of self-love accessible and attainable to over 1 billion people worldwide so that within 3 generations we can create a world in which every child born is born connected to love and stays connected to that love, so that no matter what they face along their path in life they have the power within to stay true to themselves, trust themselves and to feel loved, supported, cared for, safe and strong.

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It’s been an amazing journey, and we’re so grateful for the thousands of
Self-Love Ambassadors from around the world that have joined us in sharing the message of self-love every February in over 41 countries. Our Self-Love Ambassadors have held over 2000 self-love circles in their homes & communities and have reached over 1 million people via social media channels – creating a beam of self-love awareness during a month formerly all about romantic love.

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Be part of a global community of beings who believe in the power of love and dare to share the message of self-love with the world. We are on a mission to serve 1 billion people the medicine of self-love. 

We are gathering & organizing… join us!