self compassion love mantra poster

Heart Art: Posters + Post Cards

I remember the day I first said the words, “I am an artist.” I was walking around an art gallery in Northern California and someone asked me if I was an artist, and after a brief pause, I said the words my heart had wanted to reclaim since I stopped seeing myself as a artist (junior year of high school after a ‘failed’ art attempt and bad inner mean girl attack.)

It was like my soul could breathe for the first time in a decade when those words, without comparison or judgment could leave my lips. I am an artist. No excuses, pre-ambles or comments about art being a hobby.

Because the truth is I HEART MAKING ART – for myself and for people like you. I LOVE MAKING ART THAT OPENS PEOPLE’S HEARTS to LOVE… most of all to themselves.

The piece you see to the left is the first in a series of graphic posters based on the 10-branches of self-love, this one full of Love Mantras that evoke the energy of self-compassion.

My art is currently available to Love Club Members and through my Facebook site – but stay tuned for the public unveiling soon.

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