self love coloring journal

Self Love Coloring Book & Journal

Heart Art for Loving Yourself More Everyday
22 Ilustrations + Inquiries based on the 11 kinds of self-love


13 Self Love Mantras + 13 Heart Art Portraits + Inner Wisdom Journaling inquiries to support you to trust yourself and stay true to yourself and choose love for yourself no matter.

For women and for girls – for yourself or as a gift, the pages inside are meant to be like medicine for your tender and courageous heart and super power for your soul.

Each set of illustrations was created intentionally to invoke a specific kind of self-love and includes a set of ‘heart and soul’ inquires to journal with.

self love journal back cover

self-care * self-compassion * self-empowerment * self-acceptance * 
self-expression* and more

Use this self-love journal and coloring book like ‘self-love’ medicine:

  • Choose a specific kind of self-love and proactively strengthen it
  • Give yourself a love boost on the days you are feeling down
  • Use the inquiries to connect and communicate with your heart and soul
  • Add personalized words and images to make the heart art even more your own

havi mandell

Fun and Powerful All in One!

What an awesome book– fun and playful, and filled with powerful healing and loving inquiries in the form of “heart and soul sparks”, places to journal and inspiring information and helpful support and healing/empowering mantras all wrapped up with “heart art”! What a beautiful way to explore self-love, connect more deeply to ourselves and love ourselves more! I am ordering more of these wonderful books, starting with one for a young woman who just graduated high school to celebrate her journey so far and beautifully support her on her journey out in the world!

Havi Mandell, Phd, Teacher, Therapist, ‎Growthspring Counseling & Wellness

You can feel the love that Christine has infused in this coloring book and journal.

I bought one for myself and one for my 17 year old Daughter. We are working on them separately and then will gather together in a circle to share. It is great idea to have a coloring book and journal combined. Plus, you can take them with you anywhere and use any time. These would make amazing gifts for any celebration. We all need to remember the importance of self-love. Thank you Christine for sharing your wisdom!

Heather Nardi, Minnesota, Holistic Health + Parenting Coach