Meet Team Love!

Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor & teacher, three time best selling author who has dedicated her life work to personal, social and generational transformation. With 15 years of wisdom-based training on conscious leadership, human potential, indigenous and feminine wisdom, and yogic science, Christine is known as a powerful teacher who has a unique ability to translate deep wisdom into practical, accessible tools that empower people to lead their lives, careers organizations and relationships differently.

She is also the founder of The Path of Self Love School, a social impact organization whose programs focus on teaching people how to create a strong inner foundation of self-love. With her leadership, the Path of Self Love School has trained people on six continents, who are applying this self-love “methodology” in a wide spectrum of fields — from traditional therapy, coaching, recovery, and nutrition work to educating kids in middle and high school and young people in college, to spiritual seekers, to corporate and women’s empowerment trainings, to teaching parents how to raise children who love themselves, and more.

Stacey Hoffer is a transformational self-love coach, contributing author to two best-selling books, teacher of Raising Children to Love Themselves, and founding director at The Path of Self-Love School. Stacey has dedicated her life to helping women and children embody their authentic joy, trust their inner wisdom, speak their truth, and live in more alignment with their heart and soul.

After earning a master’s degree in leadership development & learning development, Stacey was a change management & training consultant for global Fortune 100 companies. She left her corporate career, earned her life coaching and self-love guide certifications, and now guiding women through deep, personal, transformational change.

Stacey is a strong advocate for parents and teachers to intentional model and teach self-love to children. She teaches simple foundational self-love tools to help children create a strong inner foundation of courage, compassion, confidence, and self-empowerment.

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lea-guthrie-program-director-self-love-guideLea Guthrie is a self-love teacher and founding director of teacher training at The Path of Self-Love School. She is passionate about inspiring and guiding people to live in alignment with their heart and soul and holding space for personal growth.

Lea appreciates building meaningful relationships in order to be successful, whether it be project development and management, educational content delivery, or solving community challenges.

Her education includes Master’s Degrees in Biology and Education, coaching and facilitation training through the Coaches Training Institute, Holistic MBA Transformational Coaching, Color of Woman Intentional Creativity, and the Community Dispute Resolution Center.

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noah-martin-self-love-coach-relationship-advisorNoah Martin is a master at helping couples see and release the invisible barriers they create to keep them from the love, friendship and intimacy they signed up for. He’s had an innate knack for navigating relationships ever since he can remember (including helping his mother navigate office politics as young as the age of 8). Noah left his analytical corporate consulting career in 2011 to work along with his partner in life and business Christine Arylo, including living and working from all over the world for 3 years.

Noah’s mix of the analytical and the spiritual, and his non-traditional training — he has a powerful tool box including an MA in Spiritual Psychology, and training in Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Mystical Shamanism – coupled with his more traditional experience – as a trained relationship coach and successful creator of a 17-year relationship that gets better every day — has made him a valuable ally for both men and women who want to create strong partnerships where both people can thrive.

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Tarja Stoeckl is the communications weaver and community engagement liaison at The Path of Self-Love School. Aside from the most humbling job on the planet, being a mother, her passion is to support organizations that are creating positive change in their communities.

Her life purpose has always been community engagement, connecting the dots from a vision to reality and committing to the task at hand for an outcome of harmonious success, especially for a vision that merits social change and positive social impact in the world.

Tarja is a social entrepreneur, a midwife of dreams + she anchors visionaries. She believes in tea and being a good steward of the Earth!

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