Christine AryloTransformational Leadership Advisor & Teacher, Best Selling Author, and Founder of The Path of Self-Love

    Christine Arylo, MBA, is a transformational leadership advisor & teacher, three time best selling author who has dedicated her life work to personal, social and generational transformation. With 15 years of wisdom-based training on conscious leadership, human potential, indigenous and feminine wisdom, and yogic science, Christine is known as a powerful teacher who has a unique ability to translate deep wisdom into practical, accessible tools that empower people to lead their lives, careers organizations and relationships differently.

    She is also the founder of The Path of Self Love School, a social impact organization whose programs focus on teaching people how to create a strong inner foundation of self-love. With her leadership, the Path of Self Love School has trained people on six continents, who are applying this self-love “methodology” in a wide spectrum of fields — from traditional therapy, coaching, recovery, and nutrition work to educating kids in middle and high school and young people in college, to spiritual seekers, to corporate and women’s empowerment trainings, to teaching parents how to raise children who love themselves, and more.

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