Stacey HofferDirector, Teacher, Self Love Coach, and Strong Advocate for Raising Children to Love Themselves

    Stacey Hoffer is a transformational self-love guide, mental health & emotional wellness coach, contributing author to two best-selling books, teacher of Raising Children to Love Themselves, and founding director at The Path of Self-Love School. Stacey has dedicated her life to helping women and children embody their authentic joy, trust their inner wisdom, speak their truth, and live in more alignment with their heart and soul.

    After earning a master’s degree in leadership development & learning development, Stacey was a change management & training consultant for global Fortune 100 companies. She left her corporate career, earned her life coaching and self-love guide certifications, and now guides women through deep, personal, transformational change.

    Stacey is a strong advocate for parents and teachers to intentional model and teach self-love to children. She teaches simple foundational self-love tools to help children create a strong inner foundation of courage, compassion, confidence, and self-empowerment.

    As the Director of the Path of Self Love School,  Stacey has been featured on TODAY Parenting, Empowering Kids Now, The Self-Love Mothering Summit, Self Discovery Radio, and Blog Talk Radio.

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